{Best of 2015} Before & After Room Makeovers

Hello, hello! Are you still digging out of the holiday aftermath like us? As much as I loved our Christmas decor this year, I’m itching to get it down! I’ll use this organization method to put it away and get my house back quickly! The urge to purge has already started, and I feel the need to minimize everything! What is it about a new year that does that to us?!

We’re coming down to the last few days of the year, and I like to take this time to reflect back on what we accomplished and experienced in the last 12 months. There’s no question 2015 was an eventful one for us, with moving to a new house at the top of that list.

Looking around, it seems we’ve barely unpacked, let alone, decorated. But after compiling today’s post, I realized just how much we have accomplished in the few short months we’ve lived here. Thanks to the {One Room Challenge}, we checked two rooms off the list, and after an eight-week renovation, the Kitchen was done, as well.

These are the room makeovers completed in 2015…just click the link under each pic for the full reveal post.

Moving to a new house meant selling our old one, so after 10 years, we scrambled and finished the remaining room makeovers on these spaces in 2015.

It’s so fun to see these pics from our old home, and a little overwhelming to realize how much is still left to do in the new one! I hope you’ll follow along as we tackle more new spaces in 2016!

You can see more of the new house in our Fall and Christmas Home Tours. Up next is a round-up of this year’s new Style Series. Are you taking down the decor yet, or waiting until after the New Year? Have a great Monday!

P.S…Giant, heartfelt ‘thank yous’ to those of you who’ve checked in on us during the recent storms that hit our area. We are just fine, but sadly so many near us weren’t as lucky. It’s just devastating to see so much heartache and destruction just 15 minutes away. Click here to donate or volunteer.

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