{Babygirl’s Room} Making Statement Art

I think anyone who’s ever been to Paris, especially with their Sugarplum, has a soft spot for the fabulously romantic, stylish, chic city. My Mr. Sugarplum and I are no different. It’s been awhile since we’ve been, but our love and memories of Paris remain strong.

Bastille Day 2000
(sorry for the crapball pic-of-a-pic…this was before digital cameras!)

My aunt shares the same love affair for the City of Love, and gave me the most amazing Paris wall calendar for Christmas in 2008. Then she started the wheels turning when she said, “You should save the calendar at the end of the year and use it for Babygirl’s big-girl room!”

BAM! Inspiration hit, and although it would be an inexcusable amount of time a few years before Babygirl got a new room, I knew the basic theme it would carry:

france pics

Instant, unique, personal….not to mention cheap…art!


Filling walls can be an expensive task. I like to find ways to decorate my home with images and objects that bring me great memories. So instead of tossing this beautiful calendar after its 12 months, I saved it for art. And certainly hanging all six in her room will make a larger impact than just one or two (and saves me from having to choose!)

I was dying to see how they’d look in Babygirl’s room…so I painted a single piece of wall in the chosen color:


I love the black frame against the pale aqua. And I hope the tone of the vintage images and black frames help to tame the sweetness of the room, and bring some sophistication.


I also prefer things hung in groups, so the images will be hung similar to this around the room:

Picnik collage

You can frame almost anything you love…your grandmother’s scarf, your favorite coffee table book, images from a vacation, children’s books, notecards, etc. I’m also making a gallery wall for my girl’s room and everything will be created by us, using items, objects and images we love and are inspired by. I’ll be sharing them with you of course!

And because I’m a rockstar, I hunted down the 2011 version of my calendar.

It has some amazing images from which to choose:

You can buy it here.
I’m hoping the Parisian flair will inspire Babygirl to travel…and take me with her! What have you framed that you love?

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  1. I love this! Great for a girl's room!


    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  2. Fabulous idea! Those prints are beautiful and so girly 🙂

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  3. Katie wrote:

    So cute!! I have the small, desk-sized version of that calendar from 2009 … and still hanging on to it just because I love the photos! 🙂

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  4. Dharma wrote:

    I have ripped up more calendars in my time….cheep cheep and super fun to switch out art around a room 🙂 Themes come and go with kids especially, good for you to find an alternative to breaking the bank! Love your stuff, Lady!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  5. Those calendar images are great and good for you for finding the earlier version! The room is coming along . . . 🙂

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  6. Looks great and I love all the prints! I frame all sorts of things. Bags, pretty paper, fabric…etc. Such an easy and cheaper alternative.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  7. great idea!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  8. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Those look fabulous! Calendars and Books are great source for wall art!!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    Just dying to see your finished room…although you set the bar SO high with the amazing room you did for your son…killing time the other night on Better After blog and couldn't BELIEVE how many of your wonderful projects she's featured over there…j'adore Paris! xox Ali

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  10. Michaela wrote:

    This is great! I love all the colors. I did something similar to this with my New York pictures from last summer!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  11. Pigeon wrote:

    Love this! I admit the Ribba frames are all over my house. I can't wait to see her room when its all done.

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  12. jillian wrote:

    what a great idea!
    i love france, even though i haven't been back in 10yrs! love the black frames.

    jillian xoxo

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  13. Love those. I used a calendar for some prints in our bonus room. Trying to find a cute one to use for my son's room. Have a great day, girl!

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  14. This calender is totally stunning! Looks so chic xx

    Posted 11.2.10 Reply
  15. Hah, I save calendars too. Now I don't feel like I'm hoarding.

    I love the style, but I have traveled a lot in France so I'm totally biased. : )

    Can't wait to see them in the room!

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  16. emily wrote:

    Those are great! True confession: I have empty Ribba frames hanging in the bedroom (and have for some time). I am now going to be on the hunt for the perfect calendar!

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  17. Aubrey wrote:

    *LOVE* that calendar and it really does make fantastic art! Loving the Paris theme room idea, can't wait to see your take on it!

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  18. Maggie wrote:

    I am inviting you to share your talent at our blow out linking party.
    Thank you,

    Posted 11.3.10 Reply
  19. I love using a calendar for cheap and great art! I get so many complements on some pictures in our entry and now I don't admit that I cut up a calendar….I put them all together myself of course.

    Those prints are fabulous and I bet will be perfection in that room!

    Posted 11.4.10 Reply
  20. Anonymous wrote:

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    Posted 11.4.10 Reply
  21. Love your calender art! So perfect for a big girl room. I'm visiting from Remodelaholic'c Friday party.

    Posted 11.5.10 Reply
  22. LambAround wrote:

    I love the theme you chose! 🙂

    Posted 11.27.10 Reply
  23. Just found your site from Centsational girl and I am in LOVE with your Paris inspired room. I frantically looked up the calendar, but the page redirected me. Can you tell me who makes the calendar? Thank you!!

    Posted 7.3.11 Reply
  24. Julie and Thomas — I just updated the link, it should work now!

    Posted 7.5.11 Reply
  25. Anonymous wrote:

    I too love to travel. I found out many years ago, that a cheap post card framed makes great art work. I then can look back on some great memories!

    Posted 9.20.11 Reply