Western White House

Aside for the ten years we were in Nashville, I’ve lived my entire life in Texas. A big, bold, gorgeous, glorious, vast state. I know first-hand the stereotypes that go along with being a Texan, and let me tell you, we don’t all ride horses, and our daddies aren’t all in the oil business. I do, however, know several people who own cattle. And longhorns. But I digress.

As I flipped through the latest issue of Architectural Digest, I was stunned by the images of George and Laura Bush’s weekend home in Crawford, Texas. I knew they had a ranch in Central Texas, and I guess I was guilty of assuming it was rugged, and full of leather, deer heads and barbed wire….basically, stereotypical Texas decor. But Texas is as modern as she is rugged, and as sophisticated as she is country. And politics aside, the Bushes created the perfect balance of all Texas has to offer.

Even the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas is chic.

All images via Architectural Digest

Are you surprised by the style and grace of their Texas ranch? What’s your favorite part of their home? I love all the windows, looking out over the fields of bluebonnets.

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