20 Heart-Shaped Food Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweets! We don’t have any elaborate plans for the day, just quiet family time at home. I’d like dinner to be a little special though, so I rounded up some sweet heart-shaped food ideas. I’ll probably go for something as simple as grilled cheese sandwiches…but cut in the shape of a heart, who can resist?!
Heart Shaped Food Ideas
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17 Heart Shaped Food Ideas for Valentines Day

Check out my Whoopie Pies, Cookies on a Stick, and Linzer Heart Cookies for more heart and food combinations. And while the Cinnamon Roll Waffles aren’t heart-shaped, they are practically impossible to deny. Breakfast for dinner, anyone?! 
Whatever your plans, if you celebrate or not, I hope your day is full of sweet! And to my Mr. Sugarplum…

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  1. Vel Criste wrote:

    Gastronomic feast = true love! Happy hearts day to you and your family!

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  2. Anna E. wrote:

    Eating regular food in the shape of a heart definitely makes this day more festive! Love these ideas. P.S. When you originally posted about the whoopie pies two years ago, I went to the craft store asking if they carried a "whoopie pie" kit. I probably should have asked a different employee because every time I used the word "whoopie" she acted as if I said a naughty word along with an even naughtier gesture. Every where else I went, people acted like I was nuts. Fast forward 2 years and whoopie pie kits are everywhere! You were ahead of time and maybe even catapulted that idea into fame?!? Regardless, every time I hear "whoopie" I instantly think of your post and then the looks the clearly offended employee gave me. Thought you'd enjoy! Have a great day with your family! 🙂

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  3. Allison wrote:

    What a fun round up! Heart shaped grilled cheese sounds perfect to me. Growing up my Mom always made us a heart shaped red velvet cake and it is still my favorite dessert as an adult. Happy Valentine's Day Cassie.

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  4. Great round-up! I love the heart shaped beets on the salad. Of course, my husband doesn't eat beets, so I'm not sure he'd be all that impressed if I used that idea!

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  5. I need more heart shaped food in my life!!! This is just so adorable…I wonder if my kids would eat more veggies if I made them heart shaped??? I guess it's worth a shot (c; Happy Love Day, love!

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  6. Funny you posted this today – my husband made me a biscuit, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast this morning, and the egg was heart-shaped. 😀

    Posted 2.14.13 Reply
  7. I am drooling just looking at all of this heart-shaped goodness! Makes me want to go bust out my heart cookie cutter! Thanks for the cute roundup! Happy Valentine's Day!

    ~Abby =)

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply
  8. Jeanna wrote:

    Yummm, my tummy is growling, they all look delicious! Hope you had a great Valentines day!

    Posted 2.15.13 Reply