[YUM] Christmas Morning Coffee Cake

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas tree is decorated, the fire is going, carols are playing on repeat….and the Kitchen is bursting with the smells of all our favorite treats! If you’ve been following this blog for a bit, then you know I’m more of a ‘preparer’ than a ‘cooker.’ Basically, I’m always looking for shortcuts in the Kitchen!

Sweet treats are my favorite…remember these ridiculously-good yummies? And of course the Christmas Crack that made so many worship, and yet curse, me!? 😉 (Seriously, it comes with a disclaimer!)

Another treat that’s been in our family for years is a ridiculously delicious, and super simple to prepare, coffee cake! In fact, it’s our Christmas morning tradition, and so yummy that the kids actually put down their gifts to gobble it up!

{What You Need}

1 box Yellow Cake Mix
3 oz. Vanilla Instant Pudding
1/2 c. Vegetable Oil
4 Eggs
1 c. Sour Cream
1 c. Chopped Pecans
3/4 c. Sugar
3 tbs. Cinnamon
{What You Do}
* Preheat oven to 350-degrees & spray a bundt pan with oil
* Mix cake mix, pudding mix, oil, eggs & sour cream in large bowl on low for 8 minutes. 
It will be the consistency of frosting, but don’t panic. Or eat it all.
* In a small bowl, stir together remaining ingredients
* Pour half the batter in the pan (it’s really more of a dollop since the batter is so thick)
& sprinkle half the sugar mixture on top.
Draw a knife through the layers to create marbled effect.
* Pour remaining batter, then sugar mixture, and marble again.
* Bake 45 minutes – 1 hour, then cool in pan for 10 minutes before flipping on serving platter
(I accidentally set my oven to confection & overcooked this one)
* Stand back & bask in the love of your adoring family

Git in mah belly, you sweet thang!

Not only is it simple, but you can assemble it the day before, and just pop it in the oven Christmas morning. Your house will smell like heaven, and you won’t miss any of the morning fun slaving away in the Kitchen! Does your family insist on being fed Christmas morning, too? What are you serving? Find more easy treats here.

*I emailed my mom this recipe in 2001, and have no idea where I found it. If you know the source, please let me know!

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