{Teacher Appreciation Gift} Etched Monogrammed Jar

Our kids have always been lucky to have great teachers whom they adore. Every school year has been a wonderful experience, and that’s mostly because of their awesome teachers. I love making little treats for them throughout the year, and with this being Teacher Appreciation Week, I thought it a perfect time to try etching cream.


I’m always a sucker for monograms, and who isn’t a sucker for chocolate!?

The supplies are simple…any glass vessel (I used an oversized mason jar with smooth sides from Michaels), etching cream, stencil, and a popsicle stick or brush.


I wanted the teacher’s personalized monogram, so I made my own stencil. After creating the free monogram here, I printed it to fit my jar. Using the same method as the Otomi Stenciled Table, I taped a piece of contact paper to a cutting board, then taped the monogram on top of it.


Then I used an Exacto knife to cut out the monogram, pressing hard enough to go through to the contact paper.


I used drinking glasses as templates to cut out the circle that borders the letter, then pressed the stencil firmly to the glass.


Then spread a thick layer of etching cream over the exposed glass…I found a popsicle stick worked best. The instructions on the etching cream basically threaten mutilation if your skin comes into contact with it, so you may want to wear gloves. It also said to leave on 60 seconds before rinsing with water. It was more like 30 minutes before I saw results. I think the type of glass makes a big difference in the timing. So it’s a good idea to leave the stencil on until you’re sure it worked. I just reapplied the cream each time after rinsing.


It’s really hard to photograph since it’s so subtle, but it looks great in person. And since the cream permanently alters the glass, it’s dishwasher safe. (Unlike these chevron glasses using another method.)


I spraypainted the lid for a shot of color, and filled the jar with chocolates. Babygirl delivered it to her teacher Monday, and it was a big hit.


What a great way to reuse old spaghetti and jelly jars, too! I’m already thinking of uses, and can’t wait to monogram my own.


Have you ever tried etching cream? What’s your favorite fun Teacher Gift idea?

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  1. Peggy wrote:

    Wow. I'm speechless! A perfect teacher gift. You are amazing.

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  2. It looks so great! I bet she will love having that mason jar around for years. Did you have to use some super sleuth method to figure out the teacher's middle initial?

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
    • Ha — yes…I had to email her and ask…which had her really curious. But she's used to me sending random things in, so she knew I was asking for something crafty. I think it just lent to the excitement. 🙂

      Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  3. This is fabulous. You amaze me! I bet teachers request your kids just for the cool gifts!!

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  4. So adorable and so easy! Even though I don't have kids yet…I might have to try it on some wine glasses for my friends BD!!

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  5. SO cute! Once again, you are just so creative!

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  6. Brittney wrote:

    Cute! I found the same thing with the etching glass, it takes WAY longer than the directions tell you.

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  7. Love this. Thank you for sharing the contact paper method too. I don't have a fancy die cut machine, so I need your version. I've used the etching cream before, but not with a full monogram. Now you've given me something new to try. I'm visiting from the Pinterest Party.

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  8. René wrote:

    You are so clever – how cute are those?!

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  9. Agree with Rene! So clever. Very cute, Cassie!

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  10. Unknown wrote:

    I wish i were your kiddos teacher! As a teacher i can tell you, you have had wonderful experiences because your children are wonderful and having awesome parents helps 🙂

    Posted 5.8.13 Reply
  11. Hey you are genius…your teacher would love it

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    Posted 5.9.13 Reply
  12. Chelsa wrote:

    i just saw this etching creme project this week and was planning on trying it. where did you buy the creme?

    Posted 5.9.13 Reply
    • Michaels — with a coupon, of course! 🙂 It was around $7 for the small jar…and I barely used any, so it will last.

      Posted 5.9.13 Reply
  13. Cute idea! Dang I could pretty much monogram up anything I own with that! Love it.

    Posted 5.9.13 Reply
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    Posted 5.10.13 Reply
  15. I've been meaning to try that glass etching stuff! I definitely need to get on that!

    Posted 5.10.13 Reply
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