Port of Call: Sitges, Spain

Welcome back, from the land-of-hot! Our friggin’ air-conditioner went out again, and I’m past the point of over it. The first time wasn’t so bad because we ran away to my step-mom’s lakehouse for a few days. The second time they were able to repair it same-day. Now there’s just no denying it’s time to replace the unit. #twss That puts a serious damper on my Anniversary Sale shopping! šŸ˜‰

Speaking of, y’all blew me away with your response to Friday’s post with my sweet Mama Sugarplum…and you made her feel amazing. You’re always so generous with your kind words, but this time you outdid yourself! I’m thrilled you loved the post, because I have another one coming up later this week, full of more great finds (like this wear-anywhere top and these raw-hem jeans under $50!).

But today I’m mentally transporting myself back to the breezy, vibrant, coastal town of Sitges, Spain. (Pronounced Sit-Jes. I think. But what do I know?!)

This little town, that completely captured our hearts, was actually a happy accident on our itinerary. It’s always recommended to arrive in your ship’s embarkation city at least the day before the cruise, so Princess Cruises arranged for us to fly to Barcelona on Thursday, to allow us, and our luggage, ample time to arrive…and to explore Barcelona before sailing out on Saturday.

But turns out, there was a World’s Cardiologist Conference being held in Barcelona that weekend, and there was literally not a hotel room left for a group our size! #random So they booked us in the nearby town of Sitges, and it was actually one of our very favorite spots of the whole trip!

We arrived very early morning on the overnight flight from Dallas, and immediately checked in our hotel for a power nap. A few hours later, we were sipping the world’s best cappuccino, and enjoying a heaping plate of calamari, just a few feet from the sea.

It takes several hours for this little town to wake up, but it quickly went from a sleepy seaside village, to a vibrant city of people who love life. It felt equal parts Spanish and Greek…with influences of both in the food and architecture.

We spent the day wandering bustling pedestrian promenades and quiet cobbled back-streets, and watching the scantily-clad vacationers on the beach.

It’s an easy 45-minute trip to Barcelona on the train or bus, so we were able to spend a day in both…and we all agreed, Sitges was the charmer. What’s the happiest place you’ve accidentally ended up in while on vacation?

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*This post is created in collaboration with Princess Cruises, but all opinions and attempts at Espanol are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!


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