While it seems most of the folks in the blog world are prepping their homes for fall, I’m still talking about beach trips and crafting with shells! I’m okay with being a bit backwards though.

As far as I’m concerned, summer isn’t over until it’s too cool to swim. It’s still 90 degrees here, so not exactly giving me the urge to pull out my sweaters. Maybe my smart Australian readers will enjoy this post, since summer is around the corner for them.

I told you about our trip to Sanibel Island earlier this week, and I mentioned the number of shells that wash up on its beaches. It’s a lot. They call it the ‘Sanibel Stoop’ because you spend most of your time doubled over picking up shells! These pretty purple scallops were apparently one of my favorites:


This little person had a preference for GIANT sand dollars!

(Think it’s time to ditch that swim floatie?!)

Most of the shells we brought back are already in bowls scattered around my house, but I had further plans for the scallops and these iridescent beauties:

wet/dry shells

See how shiny and reflective they are when wet….and then kind of Debbie-Downer-Dull when dry? This seemed like the perfect project to try my new tub of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze.


It’s an extra thick, brushable glaze that leaves a shiny, ceramic look with no brush marks. Only downside I found was the stink-factor…and it’s a bit stickier than I’m used to, but it washed right off my hands.

I lined up my little friends on wax paper, then gave them each a quick swipe of the glaze:


Here they are dry:


Your head is spinning with ideas of things to ‘Shellac’ now, right?!

Of course I can’t get a decent picture, but you get the idea:

(Pssst, that little tray is from Michaels! Grab a coupon and get one for a few bucks.)

Here’s what happens when you try to multi-task blogging and preparing dinner for a hungry 4th grader:


This little vignette is on a old tea cart by my front door. And chances are these shells will still be here in January.


Hope to have the Guest/Kids’ Bath Reveal tomorrow!

Oh, and PS…don’t look up ‘shellac’ on Wikipedia….eeeewwwww.

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  1. Love this idea! They look so pretty when the are nice and shiny!

    Posted 9.13.10 Reply
  2. That glaze makes your shells which were already beautiful just luscious. They look wet and pearly and very rich. Good idea! Cute boy!

    Posted 9.14.10 Reply