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Welcome back to another week of fun! I hope your weekend was grand, and more productive than mine. Other than laundry and grocery shopping, there was a lot of nothing lounging going on around here. I was thrilled to hear you were inspired by my {5 Ways} Transitioning to Early Fall looks last week…I put a few of them to good use this weekend!

Earlier this month, I shared the state of Little Miss’s bedroom (formerly known as ‘Babygirl’). At this point, we’ve painted over the existing buttery walls to give it a clean, blank slate, and moved in all her existing furniture from the last bedroom.

We learned really quickly how different things look in a new home, with new room dimensions. Fortunately, everything fit in her room, but needs a lot of tweaking. And since it’s been several years since her last makeover, she asked Kristin to help give her a sassy, new space. (And how do you say no to this face?!) 

I requested that we incorporate all her existing pieces, and keep them the same color if possible! After a few FaceTime sessions, she and Kristin worked out exactly what she wanted…lots of color, minimal pink  (‘I’m not a pink girl, Mom!’), and plenty of fun.

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

I think they nailed it! All the color and pattern is young and energetic, but will easily transition as she grows up. I drew up these crude floor plans to give you an idea of the room dimensions, and where everything will go. The only thing not placed is the desk…it’s intended to live on the wall by the door, but it might be a little tight to walk through. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

As you can see, the space between the windows fits her yellow highboy perfectly, and the bed sits opposite the closets. In her last room, the bed was tucked against the wall, so she currently has just a single side table. The length of this wall would be better suited for bookending nightstands and lamps.

The opening on the right leads to her bathroom…but that’s an entirely different makeover! Also, the lamps, nightstands and rug in these renderings are just for placement!

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

I lobbied hard for a dark pink ceiling, but she stood firm that blue is her signature color…so blue it is. I can’t wait to see the tall, pitched ceiling painted a saturated hue against the bright, white walls!

Hi Sugarplum | Project Little Miss

Here’s some of the inspiration we pulled from…

It’s going to be the happiest room in the house, and I can’t wait to get after it! You can see more progress on InstaGram under #ProjectLittleMiss.

{Project List}
Bedding  //  Replace the last bit of her old Paris theme with this pom duvet
Rug  //  Balance the color of the painted ceiling with color on the floor
Drapes  //  Define & highlight the windows with lively drapes
Nightstands  //  Create more storage & balance the room with matching nightstands
Lamps  //  Another light source for nighttime stories
Closet  //  Organize & create more storage
Desk  //  Carve out a homework/creative zone
Art  //  Create a focal point with large art over the bed
Gallery Wall  //  Add life & energy with a colorful wall of art (likely her own like we did here)
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