{Pinterest Project} Chalkboard Mugs (as Teacher Gifts!)

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope you had a grand weekend. We had a fun night out with friends, I struggled through Babygirl’s first slumber party away from home (with non-family), and we whipped out some Valentine crafts…so it was a good weekend for us. Oh, and I primed the doors in the Pool Bathroom!

The {Pinterest Project} Series is where I step away from the computer, and actually tackle a project I’ve pinned…but adding my own twist. I kicked off the series a few weeks ago with Scrabble Coasters, and today it continues with Chalkboard Mugs! My pinsperation is this pin from Wit & Whistle. Amanda’s mugs are so fun, but she special-ordered porcelain paint that required patience baking. I wanted to do neither, so I made mine with Martha Stewart’s Multi-Surface Chalkboard paint found at my local Michaels for $4 (with coupon).


I found these over sized, flat-bottom girls mugs in the Dollar Spot at Target (aka Danger Zone). I played it safe and painted the bottom half of the mug, so it wouldn’t come in contact with food or lips.

chalkboard mug

Using a small bristle brush, I applied 3 light coats of paint, letting it dry completely between each one. And unlike wall stripes, I found this paint did better if you let it dry completely before pulling the tape off veeeeeerrry slowly. After curing overnight, I rubbed them down with chalk, wiped clean, and personalized with pink chalk.

Yes, I have horrible penmanship. They’ll just think the kids wrote it.

I took advantage of the flat-bottom and wrote messages I thought suitable for teachers. Babygirl told me ‘Zip It!’ wasn’t appropriate, so I switched to ‘Bottoms Up!’ Knowing my kids and their friends though, I’m sure the messages their teachers would choose are even more inappropriate.

Picnik collage

And since the mugs are gifts, we wanted to fill them with goodies. I can’t get enough of My Owl Barn’s free customizable calendar, so I printed extras, backed with thick cardstock, and bound by a heart-shaped brad.

owl calendar

I added shredded paper (I buy mine at the dollar store) and chocolates with the calendar, and tied a piece of chalk to the mug’s handle so they could write their own profanities messages. The paint gives no washing instructions, but after this whoopsie, I think it’s probably safer to just hand wash.


Each mug is packaged in a clear gift sack and tied with a piece of satin ribbon.


 It’s the perfect inexpensive Valentine treat, that’s sure to show our sweet gratitude. Thanks Wit & Whistle for the great inspiration!


Are you whipping up goodies for your Valentines? What message would you write on the bottom of your mug?

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  1. those are adorable! i am sure teachers will love them!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  2. This is darling!! How fun and special. Their teachers will love 'em.

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  3. Danielle wrote:

    Wow – so cute!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  4. Extra cute!! I love handmade gifts like this. Chalkboard mugs have been on my "to do" list for awhile…need to get around to it. And LOL at the Freddie Mercury pun. 😉

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  5. Wow these are so cute and I'm sure the teachers will love them.

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  6. I wish my students would give me these! (Or really anything, a homemade card would be nice). You have the best ideas for teacher gifts.

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  7. Cindy wrote:

    These are super cute! Wish my kids were still in elementary…but I will think of friends or teachers to give them to. I love gift giving!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  8. Mary wrote:

    Amazing!!!! I love these!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  9. Amanda wrote:

    these are soooo cute!! and you are just adorable yourself!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  10. Well aren't you on top of it. WOWZERS. Just darling. I need to get busy! Love the "Zip it!"

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  11. Such cute and thoughtful gifts! I bet the teachers just LOVE you! 🙂

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  12. Leslie wrote:

    Those turned out so well! I'm sure their teachers will love them. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  13. How sweet – what a great idea! We may have to try these this week : )

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  14. Dharma wrote:

    Cute idea….but if that nug was mine it would say:

    "If you can read this, I'm ready for another cup."


    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  15. Bahahaha those are awesome!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  16. Love this project! Great job 🙂

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  17. Shanna wrote:

    ridiculously cute. OMG.

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  18. Stinkin' adorable…you know I'm loving the writing on the bottom, so cute and witty!!!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  19. Tiffany wrote:

    Those are so cute. Lucky teachers!

    Posted 1.23.12 Reply
  20. Haha, the bottoms are the best part, you totally should have left "zip it!".

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  21. emily wrote:

    I'm not a teacher, but I totally want one of these for my morning cup of coffee at the office.

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  22. These are so adorable! How special will their teachers feel?! Love it!!

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  23. Very adorable! I love the writing on the bottom. I'm sure the teachers will have lots of fun with them.

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  24. Tina wrote:

    This is a great idea! I want to make one for my sister! I found you on Pinterest and am so excited to follow you! 🙂

    Posted 1.24.12 Reply
  25. Ha – Zip it….too cute.

    Posted 1.25.12 Reply
  26. Adorable! I will happily have your wee one in my class :0)

    I would love if you shared the project tomorrow at my "Beat the Winter Blues" party. Hope to see you then.

    Posted 2.3.12 Reply
  27. berg4 wrote:

    These are adorable – I love this idea!

    Posted 2.5.12 Reply
  28. Natasha wrote:

    Love this!

    Natasha xx


    Posted 2.9.12 Reply
  29. JoJo wrote:

    So I am new at this whole Mommy career & completely forgot to get my daughters teacher a Christmas present this past holiday. Safe to say I felt awful. This project will just maybe redeem me! Thank you!

    Posted 2.10.12 Reply
  30. Tammy wrote:

    Cute idea, I am going to try. Buy my paint says to sand glossy surfaces. Did you have to sand it?

    Posted 2.11.12 Reply
  31. Elizabeth wrote:

    I adapted this to a flower pot. Bottom half chalkboard, top half finger painted by my daughter. I used a glazed white terra cotta pot and I sealed the inside of the pot with a terra cotta sealant just in case the moisture affects the chalk paint. I also "sealed my daughters finger paint. Which seemed to keep it from smudging when she was done. Put in a nice red geranium and voila!

    Posted 9.21.12 Reply
  32. Anonymous wrote:

    Is the chalkboard paint dishwasher safe or hand washable? I am planning to do this for my kids' teachers.

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
  33. Hi Anon! I'm not sure 100% if it's dishwasher safe or not…so I'd stick with handwashing! I just wrote 'handwash me' on the gift tag when giving to our teachers.

    Hope this helps!

    Posted 12.17.12 Reply
    • Unknown wrote:

      Very cute idea- thanks! that was my question too. I think I'm going out to Joann's right now to pick up the materials. 🙂

      Posted 5.5.13 Reply
  34. Jo wrote:

    do you know if these mugs are microwave safe? better safe then sorry to just not test it out and just pour the hot liquid in =)

    Posted 12.5.13 Reply
  35. i hope the chalk wont be erased when you clean it with water though. does it get erased?

    Posted 1.19.16 Reply
    • If you use standard chalk, then yes, it washes off with soap and water. If you wanted it permanent, you could use paint pens!

      Posted 1.19.16 Reply