{Organizing} Gift Wrap

On a recent visit to The Container Store (a ‘visit’ means you just go to look around, not to buy), I discovered they were having a 25% off Shelving Event. Well, my inner manic couldn’t let that pass…so I loaded up my cart with a discounted Door Rack System. So much for just visiting. My girl, Freckle’s post, had my wheels spinning, and there was no stopping that train.

Once home, I attacked an unsuspecting closet door.

hisugarplum gift wrap station

 hi sugarplum gift wrap station
 hi sugarplum gift wrap station
hi sugarplum gift wrap station

 hi sugarplum gift wrap station

My ridiculously large gift wrap collection had been stashed all over the house, but mostly under my son’s bed. Now it’s neat and compact, and oh so pretty. (Download my free Important Dates printable here.)

 hi sugarplum gift wrap station

I hope you’ll hop over to I Heart Organizing
for my contributor post to see all the glorious details…and how I squeezed every ounce of usable space from that door. But don’t blame me if
it sparks your own OCD episode!

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And as if Honey We’re Home doesn’t fill the blog world with enough gorgeous inspiration, now she’s inspiring us to get fit and healthy! My sweet friend Megan has started a new blog, Honey We’re Healthy…chock full of recipes, workout tips and motivators, and real life advice on getting and staying healthy. I can’t wait to rediscover the feeling of my ass not touching the back of my thighs!

Happy weekend, lovebugs! I’ll be checking out all the fabulous links in our About An Hour party! Have you linked up your quick and easy projects??

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  1. This is awesome! Why is it I get giddy over organizational projects??? Seriously, looking at this is more exciting than chocolate cake on my birthday πŸ™‚

    Posted 9.28.12 Reply
  2. Eeek! Did you see The Container Store gave you a shootout on Facebook!?!? Congrats sweet thing!


    Posted 9.28.12 Reply
  3. It's like organizing is my drug and you and Jen from iheart are my dealers. Just keep up the awesome posts or else I might get the shakes. πŸ™‚ Enough of slightly inappropriate comparisons, i truly love this. It fed my Christmas crazed soul AND my ocd tendencies….double whammy! Absolute perfection! πŸ™‚

    Posted 9.28.12 Reply
  4. We went to a wedding last night and I was wrapping the gift Wednesday thinking to myself, "This large box full of bags/ribbon/tissue paper sure could use a more organized space!" This post was meant to be! Thanks for sharing!

    -Sarah πŸ™‚

    Posted 9.28.12 Reply
  5. OH MY WORD how I love your new gift-wrapping station. It is functional AND darling!
    Sheaffer πŸ™‚

    Posted 9.28.12 Reply
  6. COME BACK TO NASHVILLE!!!!!!! My house needs a visit from the "sugarplum fairy" πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ xoxo

    Posted 9.28.12 Reply
  7. I just peed my pants when I saw you gave me some linky love! And I'm only on my 1st glass of wine so you know it's not the alcohol that's causing bladder issues. Just pure joy that you mentioned me.

    Not only does your giftwrap organizer put mine to serious shame but the fact that The Container Store gave you a shout out on their FB page, well……I just wet my pants again in my excitement.

    What I'm trying to say is I could throw open that closet door of yours w/ flourish ALL FRIGGIN' DAY just to stare at the glorious giftwrap. The magnetic tins? Genius.

    Your sure got purty ribbon.

    ::off to change my undergarments::

    Posted 10.1.12 Reply
  8. Ahhh, this is so awesomely organized it's got me swooning!! You should see my sad collection of gift wrap- piled in a pitiful heap in a box in my basement. I'd be buying gifts all day long just so I'd have an excuse to wrap something if my supplies were this organized!

    Posted 10.3.12 Reply
  9. Lisa Moody wrote:

    I love it! Great ideas.

    Posted 10.11.12 Reply
  10. I love this idea. It is now well organized and anything will be found on time: D when it required.

    Posted 10.22.12 Reply
  11. I desperately need to do something like this. It looks GREAT. I would LOVE for you to link this up at my Ginger Jamboree Link Party!!

    Posted 10.31.12 Reply
  12. This is gorgeous! I want to create this in my house immediately πŸ™‚

    Posted 11.1.12 Reply
  13. Fantastic organization! I'm ready to free my giftwrap from its under-the-bed-prison now! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 11.2.12 Reply
  14. I love this! I'm in the process of organizing my craft closet and this is a big inspiration, thank you! Sharing if that is ok?

    Posted 1.2.13 Reply
  15. laurie wrote:

    I recently saw this project linked on a site from a site to your site… and I loved it! I had some spare cash so I ordered two Elfa sets, one for the reading room to contain gift wrap as pictured SO beautifully and the other for a powder room. I didn't like it in the tiny powder room, but now my linen closet is uber-organized!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Posted 1.24.13 Reply
  16. subbu raj wrote:

    Good gift wrap collections. I like it design very much.

    Custom Printed Bags

    Posted 2.28.13 Reply
  17. Love your pictures! I was just at Costco and noticed they have this same door organizer for less than $40, although I don't believe it has the large holder for wrapping paper at the bottom of the door. I do believe it would work with other stuff from Container Store. Thanks!

    Posted 4.15.13 Reply
  18. Monisha wrote:

    Can you provide a source list of the different items purchased to create this station? #copycat

    Posted 10.10.17 Reply