{Organized} Kid’s Homework & Craft Supplies

I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear ya’ll are on board with the new Dining Room design plans I shared yesterday! You know if it’s in the #sugarplumcasa it’s going to bright, bold, and colorful.

It took me awhile to realize that my design preference is a bit traditional, with a healthy dose of daring. It’s not always easy to be fearless when making design decisions, but I do know my biggest regrets happen when I’m playing it safe. And if I want to transform this house into our dream home, I have to stay true to myself.

IKEA is always one of my first stops when working on new spaces or projects, and their affordable pieces are the foundation of so many of our rooms. They know a home isn’t just a place where you live, but the foundation for you and your family’s dreams, goals and aspirations. Whatever they may be.

Regardless of my budget, IKEA always has a smart and stylish solution, like this uber-versatile utility cart. Even with a new dedicated homework/creative zone, Little Miss still insists on working at the Kitchen table, my office, or even the coffee table. Which meant supplies were always scattered around the house, and never where she needed them.

Enter my new best friend, this chic little rolling cart (only $30!).

We loaded it down with all her homework and crafting essentials, and now it can follow her around wherever inspiration strikes!

Another favorite use for the versatile RASKOG cart is a portable library. Having her books on display and readily available certainly encourages her to read more often. She likes to roll the cart over to the window seat, or camp out in the bean bag, and read to her stuffed animals. It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. (See this full area we transformed with the IKEA Home Tour Squad earlier this year here!)

No matter my budget, IKEA always has an unbeatable selection of smart products for every living and work situation, so it was a natural fit when they asked me to be an official brand ambassador! Sing the praises of IKEA? That’s a no-brainer!

In fact, I’m so smitten with this versatile little cart, I shared five more uses for it over at iHeart Organizing! Go check them out and tell the darling Jen hello! I think I may need to add a few more RASKOGS to my collection! Do you own a utility cart? What genius ways is it making your life easier?!

*Product sources from this post can be found here.

*This post was created in collaboration with IKEA, but all ideas, opinions, and Swedish-crushes are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Hi Sugarplum possible!*

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  1. Sharon G wrote:

    Love this idea! will be using this for sure!

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  2. Christina wrote:

    I have that cart for craft supplies and love it! I agree with what you said about staying true to your style. Just recently I realized what my style is, home and clothing-wise which makes it easier to take clues from fashion and home decor blogs and make them me.

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  3. Godlove wrote:

    The little girl and her dog seem to be having a great time.

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  4. These trollies really are fab – so many uses 🙂

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  5. ADORABLE!! We don't have a daughter (just one16 year old son 😎) so I just love getting to see your daughter!! She's just the cutest and her little personality is perfection!! Her lip syncing makes my day!! Love this cart! We are about to built a house and this will be perfect for my desk/craft area!

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  6. Jillian wrote:

    this is such a cute idea and i love that face vace! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  7. very cute and the good idea..
    I will do

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  8. JennieB wrote:

    My daughter is slightly older than yours, we have most of those same books…brings back many sweet memories…love the cart idea – homework and supplies are usually brought to our kitchen table too. I will be using that idea.

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  9. Unknown wrote:

    Love it! Do they still sell that cup at target? Love your style!

    Posted 10.13.16 Reply
  10. Brenda wrote:

    That is a great idea! My son is often doing things in different areas of the house too, so a rolling cart would be nice for him too. It's much better than leaving all of his things everywhere.

    Posted 10.14.16 Reply
  11. Oh my gosh!!! Pupper laying behind her chair….LOVE LOVE LOVE….however I do love all things pupper 😉

    Posted 10.14.16 Reply
  12. Brenda wrote:

    We are new grandparents so I use the cart for storing her small toys and baby books. It makes it so easy to just roll the cart out of the closet when she is here for a visit!

    Posted 10.14.16 Reply
  13. Jane wrote:

    We bought my daughter that cart when she went off to school at Texas A&M. It's the best and most used thing we purchased to keep her organized. I always recommend it to other kids who are planning to head off to college:)

    Posted 10.16.16 Reply