Organized Family Drop Spot!

Oh giddy and happy day! It’s like the first day of school, and I have brand-new notebooks and perfectly sharpened pencils. You know that feeling of determination and conviction that washes over you when offered a clean slate? Promises you make to yourself to keep things clean and organized? That’s how I’m feeling today with my new Family Drop Spot!


I was so tired of staring at this cluttered mess, and really needed to reclaim the Kitchen counter space.


First step was figuring out where to move it. After reading Emily’s post about carving out small unused nooks in your home, I had new eyes for this little corner of the Breakfast Room.

And bonus, it has an outlet!

The next step was consulting the Mother Ship, aka, I Heart Organizing. Jen’s blog is a huge source of organizing inspiration and ideas. I think I made the most out of this little corner, without cluttering up the Breakfast Room.


After installing the shelf, covering the memo board and making the charging station (read about those here), I was left with a pesky electrical cord.


But that’s nothing a strategically placed plant can’t hide. It needs a decorative pot, but that will come later.


The metal wall files are $10 from Ikea, and we already owned the folders. The pencil caddy is an oversized Paris mug my aunt gave me, and the wicker basket is another Ikea gem we already owned.


Martha Stewart’s adhesive metal tags (from Staples) add a customized look, and allow me to label each divider for easier filing. And yes, ‘crapola’ is an official classification.


The shelf is 18″….big enough to hold a few things, but not enough to become a total catch-all.


Even though it’s still going to be a bit of a clutter zone, it’s only visible from one room.


And everything is fairly flush with the wall, so it’s not an impediment to the room or walkway.


Who would have thought a single lonely corner could become such a functional spot. Talk about making something out of nothing! And for $50!


And I got my Kitchen counter back!


Of course clutter will still accumulate in other places, and I’ll still forget to return signed papers to school, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction. I’ll let you know how this space works out after we actually start using it! (Old habits die hard!)


Have you carved out a functional space from an unused area in your home?

Update: Many of you have been looking for the wall rack and box for charging, and they are now back on the Ikea site. Cable Management Box, Wall Magazine Rack

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  1. Virginia wrote:

    It looks great! I love the metal filing system on the wall and I especially love that you have a "crapola" section. haha

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  2. What a perfect spot. Those MS labels are the cutest.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  3. s*rockstar wrote:

    I love love love this idea! I wonder if I have a spot in my house to do something similar….

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  4. Mandy wrote:

    Absolutely love it!! I would have never though of the shelf myself but it works perfectly!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  5. Oh wow, what a great use of that little corner! And that fabric is super cute!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  6. What a perfect solution. And the good part is that since it's not a huge area, you can't clutter it up if you tried! I need a solution like this. My kitchen counter top would thank me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  7. I am so impressed with how you used this corner! You're such a smart cookie ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  8. Little spaces = little clutter…smart girl! It turned out great, Cassie.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  9. Amanda wrote:

    yay! you have your counters back. My counters are now envious of yours-they are drowning in paper. Great job

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  10. Maggie B. wrote:

    oh I just died! in love with this! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a fold down table (that never folds down) in my craft room which holds all my 'office stuff' mostly. It's not nearly as nice as your corner, but it's working for me. Maybe when I get my basement finished I can incorporate something that this in it! But for now I'll just be jealous… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  11. It looks great! I really love the fabric you chose! And I think "crapola" is my favorite tab of your! Haha !

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  12. Mrs. H wrote:

    It looks great! I love fabric on the cork board!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  13. I see why you are so giddy!! I am completely jealous of your new space!!! We are using our kitchen counter and it drives me crazy! Looks awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  14. Great use of that space. Your kitchen counter looks great now!! I've also been busy around our house trying to reduce clutter and have made a trip to check out Martha's fab new line and have been reading Jen's blog like a mad woman trying to soak up as much of her organization skills as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love what you've done! Hope I'm as successful.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  15. Ooh, I love those metal files. Curse you, IKEA. I sure wish they shipped ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm tired of driving back from SLC every single time with IKEA coming out of the windows and my debit card smoking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  16. It looks awesome! I'm so inspired!! Thanks!!!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  17. Ange wrote:

    What a great idea, love it! Those metal files are wonderful, I might need some! Thanks for inspiring and sharing! I have loved turning unused closets into cloffices but this is even better, you are using an unused corner!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  18. I love the metal wall files! What a great way to get stuff out of the way, but it's way more organized than sticking it in a drawer or something!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  19. Looks great, Cassie! So nice to have a place to have all of these pesky papers and such land. Happy Monday.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  20. Lili wrote:

    awesome! i have pesty corners full of stacked papers i need to organize!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  21. I've got to do something about this myself! The end of our kitchen counter is overtaken with mail. It's so annoying!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  22. This looks great!! Love that you took advantage of an unused space…it's so much more functional now!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  23. pam wrote:

    love it! (i'm a big fan of "strategic" plant placing.)

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  24. Dharma wrote:

    While I was reading this, a white streaming light starting shine upon my head……you and I already discussed that outlet (hilarious that when I was scrolling, I thought "nice plant placement, babe"). I am so stealing this and will post pics just for you when I get my #$$ in gear ๐Ÿ™‚ Inspired!! Mostly, cause I have a trailer-load of crapola.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  25. Cute little corner Cassie! If you wanted, you could put an {attractive} waste bin below so that junk mail and extra papers get dealt with right away. Hope things stay looking that pretty and neat. I need one of those corners in my house!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  26. I love how fun and pretty this little corner is, in additional to being functional, Cassie! I use file folders on the inside of my pantry door and it works great for keeping us organized.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  27. Great job! I need one of those bad boys! It's beautiful and functional. You are doing so many great things! I love your blog!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  28. Alexa wrote:

    Yay oh my gosh it looks great! Love what you did!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  29. Tiffany wrote:

    That's a great little nook. I love getting organized…it's the staying organized that I have a problem with.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  30. Leslie wrote:

    Wow! It looks great, what a cute space. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  31. Man we NEED one of those too.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  32. Well done! And I love the lamp on the counter, makes the kitchen feel like a "real" room.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  33. Kudos, Cassie!! What did we ever do before Ikea? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love this project.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  34. I'd throw a stool under there!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  35. Lori wrote:

    Looks great! What a perfect way to make use of an unused nook.

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  36. Ha ha! Love the "crapola" tag! I really hope this new family drop spot works out for your family. Thanks for keeping it real Cassie!

    Posted 3.5.12 Reply
  37. It looks good and is functional, too. Yes, it will get a little cluttered but it will be more organized clutter as it is a small space and should not get too messy. Have to read up about the charging station.

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  38. I have so much love for this! It adds so much love and happiness to that corner! <3 I can totally see how this will be the perfect command center for your fam!

    Job well done my friend!


    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  39. Mary wrote:

    It looks fantastic! Such a clever idea!

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  40. So cute Cassie! Great use of space!!

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  41. Brilliant!! Now you have reclaimed some much needed counter space. And everything is looking so cute and stylish!

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  42. Hi Cassie! We are dying laughing over your "Crapola" label! ALSO – Gwyneth and I tagged you on 11 questions! Details are in our latest post!

    mk & Gwynnie

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  43. I love claiming more counter space! Looks great! Love the way you described the feeling too – first day of school – I'm always more excited to go shopping for school supplies than the kids are! HA!

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  44. emily wrote:

    Looks beautiful and perfectly functional too! I am totally on board with your "crapola" classification.

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  45. Wow – that is brilliant! I'm also on a quest to reclaim all of our kitchen counter. We have a tiny galley kitchen, so this is of upmost importance!

    I'm actually thinking of starting a serious spring cleaning mission on my blog – perhaps starting next Monday after Daylight Savings Time begins. You've totally inspired one of my major goals of the week. Thanks!


    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  46. I feel your pain! But, it seems I am the ONLY person that clutter effects. AGH! Your new corner looks so lovely – good job. Thanks for sharing with us!

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  47. Simply AJ wrote:

    Love – love- love everything about it… BTW – I looked it up and "crapola" most definitely is a category!! Several of us are drooling over the fabric you used -do you know the name of fabric?? Thanks for inspiring us to get creative and clear the clutter. AJ@queenofmynest

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  48. Stacie wrote:

    I LOVE this station. I have been looking for a corner ever since I read it. HaHa! I am new to your blog and will be checking out all of your old posts. Thanks for the info!

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  49. This is a great station and an awesome use of unused space. Plus, I love the lamp on your kitchen counter now. I did a post on that as a trend a while back!

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  50. Gorgeous new family message/home organization station! Awesome use of space, and pretty too! I also love the way the kitchen counter looks with that cute lamp! Well done!
    Have a great day!!! xo-Lisa

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  51. I am always amazed at the organizing brilliance you have! I wouldn't have thought in a million years that the little unused corner would be useful, let alone *adorable*! Perfect, absolutely perfect!

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  52. I absolutely love this. I could use a space like this in my home!

    Posted 3.6.12 Reply
  53. Michaela wrote:

    You're a genius. Love the new drop spot! The patterns and colors are so fun and SO you!

    Posted 3.7.12 Reply
  54. I saw this on Pinterest and pinned it immediately. That fun fabric is genius!

    Posted 3.7.12 Reply
  55. What a productive use of empty space!

    I'd also add a stool with a comfy cushion and sit there to make out my grocery list, use the laptop, write out bills etc.

    Excellent idea and a great execution!

    House Crazy in Michigan

    Posted 3.7.12 Reply
  56. I love this idea, I have been thinking of some ideas for my hallway. I don't have a cute corner like this. I already bought the frosted glass white board for Ikea, but it looks like I need to make another trip for those metal organizers. So cool! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 3.7.12 Reply
  57. Dani wrote:

    My kitchen had absolutely zero office space, so I prioritized colored pencils and scissors over food and converted my pantry to an office. Seriously, it only took part of it and we use them all day long so it was well worth the sacrifice. I posted pics here:

    Posted 3.7.12 Reply
  58. great use of that space!! love how it all goes together!! Bonnie ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Posted 3.8.12 Reply
  59. I have an idea, you come to my house and get me organized. Sound like a plan? Great.

    This is amazing.

    Posted 3.8.12 Reply
  60. Laura Broder wrote:

    Random: What kind of plant is that? I'm trying to get more house plants for our new condo. Just curious.

    Posted 3.8.12 Reply
  61. Hi Laura — I have no idea what kind of plant that is! My hubs brought it to me awhile ago….I usually hit up the tropical indoor plant area at Home Depot. Hope this helps!

    Posted 3.8.12 Reply
  62. Oh man, I need to steal this idea, badly. We have a section of kitchen counter that is a nightmare of chargers, mail, notes, receipts, and other random junk. I hate it!

    Posted 3.8.12 Reply
  63. Jamie wrote:

    oh my goodness. i LOVE this. totally recreating it. Thank you for sharing!

    Posted 3.9.12 Reply
  64. So love what you did with this space – and I love the bright and cheery colors. I hope it is okay, but I will be sharing this on my blog in the morning! Thanks so much! Take care, Laura

    Posted 3.9.12 Reply
  65. I've never seen taxes and crapola look so good! I love this little spot. I love that it has a shelf to write on and everything you need right in front of you. But you make it look so stylish at the same time. Really really cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 3.9.12 Reply
  66. Jen Gilday wrote:

    All I can say is WOW!!! What a smart idea! LOVE those ikea hanging files too….


    Posted 3.10.12 Reply
  67. Awesome job! It looks great & so organized.

    Posted 3.14.12 Reply
  68. Morgan S. wrote:

    This is a great idea! I'm going to have to go rooting around my house now for an unused space! New follower from Young House Love…and also know Chassity from Look Linger Love personally – Charleston residents with lots of mutual friends!

    Posted 3.14.12 Reply
  69. This is so great! I love that you made such a useful spot from a totally unused wall. The little shelf is so clever. I don't have a drop zone in my kitchen either so I hung up a wall mail organizer to sort mail, it has been really helpful.

    Posted 3.14.12 Reply
  70. Such a great project! I, too, need to get all the "stuff" off my kitchen counter tops ….

    … because I really love my counter tops. Like hug them every day love them!



    Posted 3.14.12 Reply
  71. It looks amazing! I love that unused spot, really, it's genius! Totally pinning this!!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

    Posted 4.5.12 Reply
  72. Unknown wrote:

    Looks soooo great! Am I the ONLY doofus who can't find those wall organizers? (I AM a beginner in organizing, and NOT very good at it, though!) Can someone point me in the right direction?) I would love NOTHING more than to have my minimal counter space back!

    Posted 4.5.12 Reply
  73. Unknown wrote:

    OMG — IKEA. I see it now. I was so excited, I read right over it! LOL Hope they come in black! Yipppeeee!

    Posted 4.5.12 Reply
  74. Anonymous wrote:

    Do you or anyone else know the name of those white metal files? I love them but don't seem to be able to find them on the site.. Thanks

    Posted 4.9.12 Reply
  75. Hi Anon! I can't seem to find the white metal wall files on Ikea's site now (they were there before), so maybe they are just out of stock? They can be found in the desk organizing area of the store, and they come packaged very compact, so it's easy to overlook them. good luck!

    Posted 4.10.12 Reply
  76. Leah wrote:

    this looks fantastic! way to use your wasted space. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 4.18.12 Reply
  77. Anonymous wrote:

    Do you know of any files that are close to the ones you have somewhere else. There are no IKEAs anywhere near where I live & they aren't shipping them at this time?? Absolutely LOVE them!!!!

    Posted 4.25.12 Reply
  78. Angela wrote:

    That's great! What an awesome way to use up that unused space! Very inspiring!

    Posted 5.2.12 Reply
  79. KatieBelle wrote:

    I laughed out loud…you consulted the "mothership"!! And your label "Crapola"…when I figured out that is what it REALLY said…you have brightened my morning! ;P Have a great day funny lady!

    Posted 5.3.12 Reply
  80. I LOVE this idea ๐Ÿ™‚ Found you via "The Mothership"

    Posted 5.3.12 Reply
  81. Mirissa wrote:

    so fabulous! I just wish I had a corner. My house is one of those open, flowy floorplans with no wall space. Seriously. The two little walls in my kitchen are in the breakfast area and make a corner with a sliding glass door or a cabinet. But I still love your ideas.

    Posted 5.5.12 Reply
  82. Nothing witty from me ๐Ÿ˜‰ rather a request if I could link to your post and use your image of your 'after' success, in my blog post (with photo credit of course!).
    This is me and I'm hoping to do my version of your clutter conquering corner, soon ๐Ÿ™‚ hence the request. I'll do a 'now'… 'hopeful' and 'complete' lol

    Thanks for the great post. very inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 5.5.12 Reply
  83. Knock yourself out, Kristy! And good luck with the project! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 5.7.12 Reply
  84. Thankyou! Post is here
    fingers crossed I have my own 'before and after' pics to share soon… well… maybe after exams finish lol
    Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 5.10.12 Reply
  85. lil wrote:

    I love this and am inspired. Thank you for sharing.
    Lil from New Zealand

    Posted 5.15.12 Reply
  86. Oh, this is just fantastic! Well done – I've shared a photo with link on my site:

    cheers & happy organizing!

    Posted 6.7.12 Reply
  87. love this so much and the colours are great

    Natasha xx

    Posted 6.10.12 Reply
  88. Brandi wrote:

    Such a great use of space. So clever!

    Posted 7.19.12 Reply
  89. This is one of my faves that you have done for sure. Thanks for joining the par-tay my friend. So excited to hear about your weekend.

    Posted 7.29.12 Reply
  90. Angie B wrote:

    okay – you have TRULY inspired me. not that my house could ever possibly look like this – however this corner, I am in desperate need of something just like it! thank you for being such a genius

    Posted 8.10.12 Reply
  91. Linda wrote:

    I know this is an older post, but I this for a charging station that looks good too!

    Posted 1.10.13 Reply
  92. LucindaJ wrote:

    Looks fabulous! I would forever be knocking the wicker basket off the wall, but the shelf, sorting organizer and memo board I can implement. Thanks for the great ideas!

    Posted 9.16.14 Reply
  93. L.L. wrote:

    Looks great! Do you have the link for the ikea wall baskets by any chance?

    Posted 12.23.14 Reply