(One Room Challenge) Wallpaper Swooning

Welcome back to Week 4 (four already?!?!?!) of the {One Room Challenge}! Before we dive in, I was glad to hear you’re on the puffer vest bandwagon with me…especially since you’ll likely be seeing a lot of them around here in the coming months!

Now…back to the Dining Room. Let’s recap for those popping in for the first time, we chose the Dining Room for our third round of the ORC (see our Master Bedroom here and Living Room here), which happens to be the first room you see when walking in the house…and is positioned directly across from our little jewel box of a Living Room.

Week 1 I shared how the room looked when we bought it, along with the floor and paint updates, Week 2 was all about the design, plans and project list, and last week we talked wallpaper, drapes and tying the open floorplan together.

Okay, now that we’re all on the same page…let’s get after Week Four, and check out the swoon worthy progress!
The wallpaper went up…and it’s even better than I’d hoped!! I mean, it’s take-your-breath-away good in person! It honestly looks hand-painted…down to the brushstrokes.

You bet your boots I hired it out…no way I was going to risk ruining that stunning paper…nor my sanity…by trying to hang it myself! And it was worth every single penny…Laura did an amazing job hanging the paper (no mess or smell, and she did the entire room in a day!) DFW peeps, email me if you want her contact info.

So good, right?! Don’t worry, the gray walls are going buh-bye.

Okay, moving on to more progress! You may recall the main art in our last ORC, and the impact it made on the room. I knew I wanted another statement piece…not only does it create a focal point for such a large wall, but the two pieces would balance each other (remember the two rooms sit directly across from each other.)
But I knew finding a piece that wouldn’t compete, or get lost, on such a bold paper would be a challenge. After scouring Minted for hours, it finally dawned on me that I already had the answer hanging in my Living Room!

I grabbed my treasured Juniper Briggs print off the wall, and tested it against the wallpaper…hello, perfect!

I immediately contacted Juniper, and crossed all my fingers and toes that she had a piece that would work in my room. But after seeing the design board, she felt inspired to create a commissioned piece specific for the room! #pinchme She sent me this progress shot, and I’m already in love!

On to the deliveries…one day it was these ginormous boxes, which held the most stunning purple lamps. Yes, purple.

And remember we went out of town for a few days…well the babysitter was exposed to the craziness that is ORC…we came home to all this.

Which held these gorgeous, and amazingly sturdy, ghost chairs…eight of them, to be exact.

Four panels of sunshine drapes, plus all the stunning hardware

A few gallons of paint and a saucy leopard rug

And some really cool folk-art, gorgeous leopard pillows with black piping, and a stunning hand-painted cache pot! #crazyright?!
Part of the agenda this week (hopefully), is getting the drapes and chandy hung. And just as I’m preparing to take this one down, I realized I never posted the DIY behind it!! #badblogger
Here’s the Cliff’s Notes…I found a version of this chandy as a floor-model clearance for $70 (almost two years ago), removed some of the pieces to give it a simpler silhouette, spray-painted it gold, and added black Run ‘n’ Buff to the posts. #bamwhat! I think it looks pretty similar to this pricy version, don’t you?! (See more of it here.)
It’s served us well, but truthfully, it’s just too small for the space, and doesn’t make the impact we need…so she’s free to a good home if anyone wants it! (Except you’re crazy if you think I’ll ship it to you!)

For some nut-ball reason, I decided to include the Foyer in this makeover fun…so that orange door needs addressing, and you can see the new rug size in play. #itsleopard #andamazing And no, I’m not decorating for Christmas early, that mistletoe may or may not be left over from last year’s home tour.

And now that the wallpaper is up, I’ve also got to choose and order a rug for the Dining Room! My assistant, per usual, is no help. Although, I think her vote is for leopard.

Wallpaper // DONE!
Lighting // Replace the chandy, lamps arrived
Drapes // Hang new drapes
Paint // Yep, gotta do that, too
Seating & Table // Table & all chairs arrived
Rug & Textiles // Foyer rug arrived, DR rug still undecided #crap
Art // Commissioned! Can’t wait for more sneak peeks!
Foyer // Paint door

So much for thinking we’d made good progress!! Is it me, or is that project list growing?!?! #sendwine #andhelpers

{Playing Catch-Up? Start here}
Thanks again to Linda for including me in this fun ride! And be sure to check-out the other stellar participants in The Challenge, including the over 200 bloggers linking up with Linda on Thursdays!
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  1. Love watching the progression of this space. Can't wait to see the final look!!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  2. that wall paper is so pretty! Coming together so well!!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  3. MORE PICS! MORE PICS! MORE PICS! Don't mind me if you see me peering in your windows someday soon. I'm thinking it might be worth the little drive for a real sneak peek! 😉

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  4. I am dying! That commissioned artwork? The wallpaper? The leopard rug? It's all just so, so good!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  5. Christina wrote:

    I'm jealous of it all….but inspired as well! It's looking sooooo good! Can't wait to see it done.

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  6. Ghost chairs and Leopard forever!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  7. Ghost chairs and Leopard forever!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  8. MelissaG wrote:

    That is some bold wallpaper! What color do you plan to paint the wall below the chair rail?

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  9. Oooh this is super exciting!! Can't wait to see it all!!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  10. Baited breath waiting to see the results (no joke)!! I love your style and cannot wait to see the end results!!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  11. Heather wrote:

    Absolutely swooning over that wallpaper! I can't wait to see the final result!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  12. Looks amazing already! And your helper melts my heart 🙂

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  13. Love it, can't wait for the reveal!
    I will take the chandelier if no one has claimed it!!!!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  14. thebays wrote:

    I just took my mistletoe down from my entryway light this weekend!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  15. Ohemgee!!! That wallpaper is amazing!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  16. I'm drooling !!!!!! Leopard rug, wallpaper, and omg that art is going to be the showstopper!!!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  17. That wallpaper is EVERYTHING!!! Your ORC are my favorite!!


    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  18. Love it! Can't tell if the scale is right, but have you considered putting your existing chandy in the foyer?? Just a thought!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
    • I've carried that chandy to every room trying to find a spot…the scale is just all wrong for any other spot. :/ But it's going to a good home with a reader…so that's a bonus! xo

      Posted 10.27.16 Reply
  19. Summer wrote:

    Very unique and pretty wallpaper♥

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  20. Kelli wrote:

    I love your assistant photos! 🙂
    Beautiful room.

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  21. That wallpaper!!!! Yes it is fantastic! I love the pictures of your puppy…..such enthusiasm…..hahaha! Let's do this….2 more weeks!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  22. Glad to see that I'm not the only one who keeps the painter's tape people in business figuring out what size something needs to be! It's so helpful to have a visual. Your choices look beautiful and can't wait to see the finished product. My "assistants" are even less helpful…they will pick up what I am working on and take it to another room!!

    Posted 10.26.16 Reply
  23. Jalene wrote:

    Great chandelier hack! I got my first ghost chair this week (for our mudroom)…I've loved them forever! By the way, whats the status on your laundry/mudroom? Ours is finally finished except for some accessories (and we need better pictures). http://www.ourcorneroftheworldblog.com/first-look-at-a-finished-mudroom/

    Posted 10.27.16 Reply
    • Your mudroom looks fantastic!!! Ours has stalled…just waiting for our turn with the contractor! xo

      Posted 10.27.16 Reply
  24. I ADORE that wallpaper!! LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see the outcome of this space! XO

    Posted 10.27.16 Reply
  25. Tricia wrote:

    Oh it's all looking so good! And that wallpaper is stunning! I hear you on the growing to do list – how does it keep getting longer?!?!
    Tricia @ Suburban BItches

    Posted 10.27.16 Reply
  26. Anonymous wrote:

    All this stuff for free?

    Posted 10.28.16 Reply
    • There is certainly quite a bit provided by sponsors, but a fair amount of it is paid for by me. And we are not required to use any/all of the sponsors, so anything chosen is done so because I truly love it! But because of the generosity of the sponsors (secured by Linda!), it's definitely an honor and huge opportunity to be part of the ORC though!

      Posted 10.28.16 Reply
  27. I think I've already said this but I can't wait to see this finished! You inspire me to more brave with my interior dreams……and did I mention I love seeing your Pupper Miss in your posts 😉

    Posted 10.29.16 Reply
  28. It looks like Christmas at your house. Looooove the wallpaper and the rug.

    Posted 10.29.16 Reply
  29. I’m really digging the pattern on the wallpaper! Who makes it?

    Posted 10.24.17 Reply
  30. Emily wrote:

    Thank you for this nice sharing. Great post.

    Posted 2.15.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Thanks so much, Emily!

      Posted 2.15.21 Reply