One Room Challenge Time!

Today kicks off Week 1 of Calling It Home’s Fall edition of the {One Room Challenge}, and I’m thrilled to announce I’m a featured participant again! I’m beyond flattered that Linda invited me back, and can’t wait to get started sharing our latest makeover.

For those of you not familiar, the ORC is an online event that brings together 20 bloggers with a love of design, and challenges them to transform a room from start to finish, while documenting the process along the way.

The kicker? We’ve only got six weeks to do it!! That’s about a tenth of the time it usually takes me to make over a room! I’ve been a huge fan and follower of the series for years, and was finally brave enough to take the challenge last year with our Master Bedroom Makeover, and again with our Living Room Makeover.

It’s always a fun, crazed, panic-stricken few weeks, but exactly the kick-in-the-pants I need to finally complete a room in this new(ish) house. (If you’re new to Hi Sugarplum!, you can read about our unexpected move here, and see the finished rooms here.)

So let’s get to it…I waffled a little as to which room to select this time, because let’s get real, it’s going to be difficult to top our last makeover. Part of me wanted to keep it small with our teeny-tiny powder bath, but I know ORC followers have come to expect big makeovers in big spaces. Plus, it makes more financial sense to choose a room that can truly benefit from all the generous sponsors! #keepingitreal

Ultimately, I decided on the room you see first upon walking in the front door…the Dining Room.

When we bought the house, the entire place was hosed down in this yellowy-beige color, and the downstairs was a chopped-up mix of carpet and tile. I made these crude floor plans (using this website) so you can get a better feel for the room…basically a box with two windows, a doorway to the Butler’s Pantry, and an opening to the stairs.

If it looks familiar, that’s because it directly mirrors the Living Room…the two rooms face each other, and are almost identical in size and layout. Only the Foyer separates them.

Just before moving in, we installed hardwoods throughout the first floor, and painted the walls. I knew the room would get a bonafide makeover down the road, so I just chose a color from the same paint strip we’d been using throughout the entire house, SW ‘Dorian Gray.’ I also tore down the light fixture, even though I didn’t have a replacement, because sometimes staring at a dangling bulb is enough to get me moving!

Here’s the room right after moving in, with all the furniture in place from our previous Dining Room. The dimensions of this new Dining Room are basically the opposite of our last one…so while the pieces fit, they were much too small for such a large room (it’s 14×14, with 10-foot ceilings).

The funny thing is, I’ve known since moving in 18-months ago what I wanted to do with the room, so I’m beyond excited to finally tackle it! Next week I’ll show you the design…and then ohemgee, it’s go time! How am I already overwhelmed and it’s only Week 1?!

Oh well, my name is on logo with all these talented friends, so there’s no backing out now! I can’t wait to share the progress and transformation, and hope you’ll follow along! And thanks again, Linda, for including me in this fabulous madness!

Be sure to click over to see what everyone else has planned!

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