{One Room Challenge} Making the Big Decisions

Welcome back to Week 3 of the {One Room Challenge}! Before we dive in, I was glad to hear you loved yesterday’s Travel post! Nothing like finding a little heaven on earth, right?!

Now…back to the Dining Room. Thanks again to Linda for including me in this fun ride…I’m so excited about all the participant’s rooms, not to mention, love meeting the new readers that find their way here! #heyyall

Let’s recap for those popping in for the first time, we chose the Dining Room for our third round of the ORC (see our Master Bedroom here and Living Room here), which happens to be the first room you see when walking in the house…and is positioned directly across from our little jewel box of a Living Room.

Week 1 I shared how the room looked when we bought it, along with the floor and paint updates, and last week was all about the design, plans and project list.  Okay, now that we’re all on the same page…let’s get after Week Three, and the big decisions that took place.

I’ve known since Day 1 of moving in this house that I wanted to add wallpaper to the Dining Room…but that proved a harder job than I realized, given the sheer number of wallpapers available, and my inability to make decisions! Choosing paint is a fairly easy task…after all it’s just color, and reasonably inexpensive to start over.

Wallpaper, on the other hand, is choosing color and pattern, and not so simple to start again if you aren’t happy. #cha-ching Plus, with our Dining Room being so open, the wallpaper also has to jive with the rest of the house! With that intimidation hanging over my head, it’s no wonder I haven’t been able to commit to a paper, right! Right?! #validateme

For over a year, Kristin and I have been texting each other wallpaper options, and each time our response was, ‘that’s pretty’, or ‘that could work.’ But nothing ever really took my breath away, until I spotted this pattern, and both of us immediately said, ‘THAT’S IT!!’ 

It’s not just wallpaper, but gorgeous, colorful art for the whole wall.

So imagine my glee when I discovered the paper was actually created by local Dallas artist, Ann Jackson! (I have an affinity for creative businesswomen/artists.) Ann creates gorgeous landscapes and abstract paintings, and recently turned them into large scale wallpaper. I jumped at the chance to meet her, and tour her studio, a few weeks ago, and not only is she just the sweetest, but as soon as I saw the wallpaper up close, I just knew it was the right choice for our room. #thisisgonnabegood 

The only problem was, I fell in love with all the color ways!! The paper is digitally printed, but it truly looks handpainted…you can even see the brush strokes and variances of color. I was simultaneously swooning and squealing.

In the end, Kitty and I narrowed it down to Orchid Jewel Box and Creamy Blue…because remember, the Dining Room needs to correlate with the Living Room.

This pic really shows how the rooms mirror each other, and why the two designs need to coordinate. I don’t want it to look like a single giant room, but neither do I want one room to overpower the other. So in order to create a consistent, clean line along the front wall, I decided to duplicate the yellow drapes in the Dining Room.

The Shade Store made it so simple…select fabric, enter window dimensions, choose liner and pleat…and BAM, custom drapes in under two weeks!

Once the drapes were determined, it was pretty easy to see Creamy Blue was the best wallpaper choice for our room!
In delivery news…it was a busy week for UPS and Fed Ex. I also can no longer walk in my Living Room, which has become the holding zone for all the furniture and packages. #victim #sarcasm

These blue beauties were the first to arrive, and I’m already in love!

I was feeling pretty good about things, until I realized we haven’t actually done anything to the room yet! But that all changes soon since the wallpaper is going up this week!! #eeek Adios, plain room!

Wallpaper // Ordered & going up this week
Lighting // Lamps & chandy ordered
Drapes // Ordered, along with brass hardware
Paint // Will decide once paper is up
Seating & Table // Ordered a larger table & captains chairs arrived
Rug & Textiles // Still undecided (waiting on wallpaper to go up!)
Art // Commissioned! We’ll chat more about this next week.
Foyer // Bridge the two spaces with paint & rug. Yeah, I’ll get to that!
Still so much to do, and we’re already at the halfway mark of this challenge! #gulp Thank goodness I have Kristin on speed dial, because my assistant keeps falling asleep on the job.

Thanks so much for following along on this crazy-train with me! Have you ever added wallpaper in your home? I can hardly wait to see how this paper looks in our room! I’ll be sure to share sneak-peeks on my Instastory.

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