Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Sugarplum Essentials + Your 2020 Top Ten

Happy Friday, friends, and cheers to the weekend! Did you see my Instagram Story yesterday?? The floors and baseboards are all in, and everything has a fresh coat of white paint. Except the Dining Room, it’s now the most gorgeous shade of blue. If you missed it, you can see it HERE.

They’re finishing the stairs and garage, and we’re hopeful to be back in the house next week! Not that hotel life hasn’t been great, but the room charges are really racking up. #teenagers

Today we’re talking sales, and not just any sale, but the mother of all sales…the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This annual event features brand new (mostly) Fall products that are released at up to 40% off, but only for a short time. Once the sale is over, prices will go to their regular full price. But friends don’t let friends pay full price, so that’s where I come in!

I look forward to the #NSale all year, and use it as an opportunity to stock up on products I use year-round, update my closet staples, and even shop for Christmas gifts!

To help you navigate the thousands of products available this year (preview the full sale HERE), I’ve combed through every single category and chosen the best of the best. I’ll be sharing more of them soon, but today is all about my Sugarplum Essentials!

These are my tried-and-true favorites, the things I grab every year… and all will be up to 40% off when the #NSale opens next week! (Log in to your account to see when you’ll be able to start shopping.) We can’t shop them yet, but you can add them to your Wish List for faster shopping once the Sale goes live.

one. Best Bralette // I literally whooped out loud when I saw the True & Co bra in the #NSale lineup, and for under $30!! I discovered it during our months at home, and it was all I wore in 2020. It’s incredibly comfortable, with convertible, adjustable straps, and good support and coverage. Perfect for at-home or out-and-about. It also comes in this racerback version.

two. Scoopneck Pocket Tee // It’s hard to go wrong with this scoopneck pocket tee… it’s a top 5 seller every year, especially at the crazy-low #NSale price. It comes in a slew of colors and is a soft, comfy fit. I grab a crisp new white one every year.

three. Self-Tanning Mousse // I’ve been singing the praises of this self-tanner for years, it really is the best formula I’ve tried (see my tips for a natural at-home tan HERE). The mousse goes on easily and absorbs quickly with minimal smell. The fast-acting formula develops within a few hours, but also gives you immediate color. Don’t forget this mit for even application.

four. Jumbo Dry Shampoo // I named this dry shampoo a Sugarplum Fave a few years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite formulas. In fact, it works a little too well and maybe stretches my days between shampoos a little further than I should, ha! This jumbo size will last months.

five. Bliss Undies // We’re all friends here, right?! So we can talk about our undies! These are all I wear, and use the #NSale to grab a fresh, new pair or two every year. They are so soft and comfy, with no lines and no wedgies! They also wash well and last for years.

six. Neulash Serum // I’m often asked if I have lash extensions (I don’t), when actually Neulash is my secret weapon! I’ve been using this lash growth serum for years, and credit it with growing my natural lashes long and thick. I buy it once a year during the #NSale, and it lasts all year. A single swipe along my lash line every few days does the trick.

seven. Longline Sports Bra // Zella is one of my go-to athletic brands, and I’m thrilled to see so many styles included in the Sale. This sports bras is one of my faves, with great support and a comfortable fit. The longer length of this one doubles as a tank when paired with high-waist leggings.

eight. Sneakers // Pretty much the only sneakers I work out in, especially when running! They really support my foot, with great arch and heel cushion… and are just ridiculously comfortable! Mama SP wears them for her daily walks, too.

nine. No-Show Athletic Socks // I wear no-show socks with most of my sneakers, but athletic shoes require a serious sock! One that provides a little support, while also staying put. And since the dryer tends to eat my socks, I grab a new set of these every year.

ten. Spray Sunscreen // My days of chasing down the kids to apply sunscreen ended when I discovered this Supergoop formula. It goes on so easily, with a quick-drying finish that’s not sticky or smelly, and neither of them minds wearing it. It also sprays a larger area at once, so you can cover the entire body quickly!

eleven. Throw Blanket // I’ve lost count of the number of these throws I’ve gifted over the years… it’s literally the perfect gift for housewarming, holiday, teachers, just because… you name it! Plus, I always grab a new one for our house since it’s one of the coveted cozy blankets around here. It comes in a ton of colors, washes beautifully, holds its softness for years, and is an incredible price.

twelve. Olaplex Bond Maintenance Set // Hello, happy hair! You’ve heard me rave about the Olaplex Hair System for ages, so you know I’ll grab this set of all my go-tos! It’s a huge savings on products I use year-round! (See my complete Olaplex routine and what I love so much about it HERE.)


I also looked back at the pieces y’all grab most, and it seems we share some favorites! These are the items you shopped most in last year’s NSale.

one. Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan // two. Scoopneck Pocket Tee
three. Cropped Pajamas // four. Block Heel Booties
five. Best Bralette // six. Bliss Undies
seven. Throw Blanket // eight. Barefoot Dreams Long Cardigan
nine. Black Skinny Jeans // ten. Fleece V-Neck Top


I’m already filling my Wish List, and making plans for early Christmas shopping… what about you? I’ll be sharing my top picks in every category starting Monday, and hope they help you navigate this epic sale. I treat it mostly as an opportunity to replace worn out items, and replenish the things I use on repeat, along with building the foundation of my Fall and Winter closet (boots, jackets, denim, etc).

Mama Sugarplum will also be joining me for some fun Dressing Room Diaries of our favorite picks. My goal is to be a helpful resource for you, but don’t worry… I’m sticking to the basics and best deals, and will only be sharing on key dates.

Are you shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year? If so, what are you focused on most? Happy weekend, lovebugs!

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  1. Jen wrote:

    Eeks!! This is one of my favorite sales! This year I’m focused on jeans, workout wear and of course Christmas gifts. Looking forward to seeing your recommendations!

    Posted 7.9.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Good thing that the NSale has SO much denim and athletic wear!!!! And knocking out the Christmas list early is such a good idea! xo, C

      Posted 7.9.21 Reply
  2. Cheriese wrote:

    Love that fleece top but the link isn’t working.

    Posted 7.9.21 Reply
  3. patricia wrote:

    Ack! I’m going to be at art camp when the Nordstrom Sales opens for me. I’ve already plugged in two pair of pjs. I’ll hike out to wi fi so I can read your picks (I hope!).

    Posted 7.9.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Ack! Don’t stress over it too much, Patricia!!! xo, C

      Posted 7.9.21 Reply
  4. Jill P wrote:

    This is probably an odd thing to be buying, but I want a quality curling iron and they are significantly cheaper in this sale. I remember you have a pricey one but like it and I am wondering if it is the one in the sale?

    Posted 7.9.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      That is definitely NOT an odd thing to be buying, the sales are just too good!

      I use the T3 1 inch curling iron, the 1.25 inch option is included in the sale:
      Then I also use a 1 inch GHD iron when my hair is freshly cut and a little shorter:

      Posted 7.9.21 Reply
  5. Grace Rath wrote:

    I’m a little confused about the lash serum. Do you use both tubes? I thought you said you use one.

    Posted 7.11.21 Reply
    • Cassie wrote:

      Hi Grace! This item is a Nordstrom-exclusive in the NSale… so you get two tubes of the same product! xo, C

      Posted 7.11.21 Reply