{The Master} Design Options

Thanks for the encouragement yesterday, I feel slightly less crazy for starting our bedroom makeover this week! Although the kids are now requesting to put their mattresses on the floor! #keepdreamingkid

So while I’ve decided on the layout (see it here), I’m still not certain of the exact design direction I want to go. I know the nightstand/dressers will be wood, and the bed will be upholstered…but there are a few options I love.

1) Keep our existing gray/blue walls, and add drama with a velvet headboard in a rich navy blue.

Moody bedroom
Bed found here

2) You know I love taking chances, but a bed is something we’ll have for years and years…so maybe we stick with a more neutral gray…and add some zhush with the linens and rug.

moody bedroom 2
Bed here

3) Another way to add drama with a neutral bed is with dark walls. I absolutely love this combination, but I don’t know if I’m up to painting our 16-foot pitched ceiling anytime soon!

Glam & Cozy Bedroom
Bed here // Rug here

4) The final option I’m considering is a tall natural linen bed, that would look good with our existing wall color, or darker walls if I ever go there….and I can jazz it up with floral drapes that coordinate with our current bedding (which I still love!).

chic floral bedroom
Bed here // Drapes here

Kind of all over the map, right?! But Santa is bringing us a bed, and wants to know which one! So which design gets your vote? You can see the Before shots of our room here…and it’s current state here.

a) Navy Bed & Neutral Walls
b) Gray Bed & Neutral Walls
c) Natural Bed & Dark Walls
d) Natural Bed & Walls with Floral Drapes
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