Mama’s Got a Brand New Chair

Or six new chairs, rather! Happy Monday, lovebugs! How was your weekend? Other than the permanent indention in my right hand from tightening FIFTY-FOUR 3-inch screws with a 4-inch Allen wrench…mine was divine! I wasn’t actually in the market for new Dining Room chairs yet, but when Overstock sends you a 15% off + free shipping code, you’re going to check out your options!

Seeing as how my Dining Room looks like a giant brown Buick took up residence, I knew I’d eventually make some changes for the lighter.

Don’t get me started on my list of projects for this room! (Rug, chairs, paint, curtains)

Turns out, my option was the Crown Fabric Off-White Dining Chairs! I’ve purchased all kinds of things online, but never something as big as six chairs. Sure shipping was free, but if Rita Return had to get involved, sending them back would not have been. So needless to say, I was just as nervous as I was excited when the boxes showed up (less than a week later!)

Since the price was so great and they’re from Overstock, I wasn’t expecting much in the white-glove department. I was shocked to find them perfectly packed, with the upholstered pieces wrapped in individual drawstring bags!

But then I spent the next 15 minutes shrieking destroying searching the box to find the other chair legs and parts! “Son of a biscuit, no wonder my chairs were on sale, they don’t have legs!!!” Before my fit reached wall-eyed status, I realized the seat cushion flaps peel back….to reveal chair legs and assembly parts. Really, nothing gets past me. Thank goodness no one else was home, or they’d surely have had me committed.

It was easy, but tedious, to attach the seat bottom to the back, and then the front two legs TWSS. The chairs are incredibly solid, with no wobbling, and the tufting and trim are flawless. The material is a natural linen, and the cushion is thick with a nice spring. I’d definitely give them 5-stars!


My table could seat eight, but it’d be a chair army in here. So I’ll keep it at six, and bring in smaller, extra chairs from the Breakfast Room when necessary.


It’s amazing how much lighter and brighter the room already is!



Okay, so I’ve made other changes since the ‘Before’ picture above, but we’ll address that if I ever once I complete the Living Room makeover! (Remember, one room at a time! Ha!)



You may recognize the Metallic Lamps. I did a little switcheroo, which means we have another Lamp-A-Looza post coming up!


And for the big comparison, here’s the Before & Afters.

before after chairs

Don’t the chairs just change the room completely? The lamps help, too. Aaaaaand, I’ve already sold the old chairs on Craigslist, which puts my total expense at $200!!! Crazy, right?

before after chairs

I can’t speak for other chairs, but I can vouch for these and Overstock. And you can’t beat the prices! (They aren’t paying me to say this, I promise!) So next time a coupon code pops up in your inbox, maybe you should just have a peek!

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