Laundry Room Update

First up, thank you so much for your great tips on yesterday’s post! I’ve saved them all, and will put them to good use. But mostly, thank you for your genuine excitement! I know the opportunities offered to bloggers can be ridiculous, and sometimes even I want to punch myself in the face, but I’m so, so grateful for this travel experience, and can’t wait to share all the details, tips, and adventures with you…and hopefully you’ll be able to put them to good use for yourself!

Moving on to the home front, my rockstar contractor stopped by last week to chat all things Laundry Room, and after excessive hemming-and-hawing, and loads of ridiculous questions, we settled on our built-in Mudroom design.

You may recall it’s going in this little nook of the Laundry Room. Doesn’t this spot just scream ‘Make me a mudroom!!!’??

I knew from the moment we moved in that would become our Mudroom, but I wanted to live in the house awhile, and see where things naturally landed, before moving forward with the makeover. I’m so glad I waited, because several ideas have shifted in the year we’ve lived here.

I ended up pulling ideas from each of these inspiration images, and they’ll find their way into our finished Mudroom.

ONE //  Notched drawers for ventilation…this will help for muddy shoes and damp sports equipment. We’ll have one shallow drawer for shoes, and a deeper one for balls, shin guards, etc.

TWO // Individual lockers to create a zone for each kid, and hooks on both the backs and sides.


THREE // Bench for a place to sit, or prop your foot up. We’ll go with a stained wood because it’s more durable, and to add warmth to the room.

FOUR // All-white paint with black hooks and knobs for a streamlined, uncluttered look. We considered shiplap on the back walls, but figure there’s enough stripe going on with the floor.


FIVE // Add outlets to a shallow shelf, or the lockers, for charging devices. We currently have an impromptu charging station in the pantry, but that’s not a convenient spot to remember before dashing out the door. This way everything we need to leave for the day (bags, jackets, phones) will all be in one spot.

SIX // Striped totes or woven baskets for more storage on the open shelves. We’re also adding a pull-out trash and dog food bin.

We’re going to make a few changes to the other side of the Laundry Room, as well. First, we’ll remove the short cabinet over the sink, and move the remaining cabinets flush to the ceiling. That will create more symmetrical zones, an aligned edge for the eye, and make room for the taller washer lid.


While I love the larger sink and faucet, the formica countertop has seen better days, so we’ll replace it with sealed butcher block to coordinate with the wood bench on the opposite of the room. 

Similar Faucet | Similar Sink

I wish we could build a counter around the washer and dryer too, but can’t because ours is a top-loader. But we’ll cover the back wall with white subway tile…there’s just too much water spray to not have a backsplash behind the sink.



The bottom cabinet will be painted black for more balance.

And finally, I’ll install a system behind the door to hold all the cleaning and laundry supplies, like brooms, mops and ironing board.

As for more light, I think we’ll ad a few can lights to the ceiling, and an industrial pendant over the sink. I loved the idea of under-cabinet lights, but once they’re moved up, the bottom will no longer be hidden. There are a few other design choices, like knobs and hardware, and the final paint color and fabric for the shade, that I’ve yet to settle on, but that will come as the room develops, I hope think.

Whew, I think that just about covers it! Have I missed anything? He’s set to get started next month, so let me know if you have other tips I should incorporate!

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