How to Score Designer Pieces for Less

In case you didn’t already know, eBay is just about the best resource for any style-obsessed, fashion girl. At any given moment, there are thousands (and thousands!) of fashion listings on eBay from all around the world, and many are incredible designer pieces. Some are new, some are gently worn, but all of them are waiting to be snapped up by savvy shoppers like us!

My love of eBay began just after college, when I was super budget-strapped with an affinity for designer jeans! I would scroll for hours looking for the best deals on Seven For All Mankind and Citizens for Humanity bootcut jeans. And I wasn’t against setting an alarm for any time day or night in hopes of winning an auction in the final minute. I even sold my designer jeans from year to year on eBay to fund my next pair!

But even though my budget has changed over the years, I still have a hard time paying full retail price for high-end designer pieces, and turn to eBay as a more affordable resource. Funny enough, I don’t wear designer jeans anymore, but I have developed a love of handbags! And for me, I often prefer handbags with a little patina and love, so finding them gently worn on eBay, at a huge discount, is a win-win!

Today I’m sharing my best tips for finding incredible, authentic designer pieces on eBay.


ONE // First ask yourself, do I need this piece to be brand new from the retailer, or is the savings worth the compromise. If you’re willing to compromise, then head straight to eBay!

TWO // Look for quality photos, and lots of them! Authentic sellers won’t shy away from showing close-ups of scuffs and scratches. For example, a good handbag listing will include photos of the front and back of the bag, the bottom, detail shots of the handles, hardware, inside lining, zippers, tags, and serial number. If a listing has very few photos, or mostly stock photos, move along!

THREE // Make sure the seller has a high rating, and has been around for awhile. I always read the buyer reviews of the seller, to be sure they had a smooth and honest transaction. If a seller has tons of sales and over 95% positive feedback, chances are you’re in trusted hands. That’s not to say that a new seller with only a few reviews isn’t trustworthy, it’s just worth a bit more research.

FOUR // Don’t hesitate to contact the seller with questions, or request additional photos. Their attitude and willingness to help will tell you a lot about the item!

FIVE // Check out all the items a seller has listed… maybe they’re just cleaning out their closet and have a variety of amazing pieces they no longer need. Or maybe they have 10 listings of the same handbag, in which case, it might be best to move along.

SIX // Look for eBay’s Authenticity Verified stamp to get a 100% guarantee that your goods are real! eBay Authenticate is a new program designed with buyer’s confidence in mind, and bags are guaranteed by a team of industry experts to be completely authentic. So not only can you find amazing bags at great discounted prices, but eBay guarantees your bag is authentic.

SEVEN // Remember eBay is on your side and has a money-back guarantee that promises you’ll get the item promised in the listing… or your money back!


I’ve got my eye on a new handbag for holiday events, and have spotted quite a few amazing listings on eBay lately. Here are a few that caught my eye (listings were live when I scheduled the post!).


one. Chanel Quilted Crossbody // two. Michele Sports Watch three. // Nude Christian Louboutin Pumps
four. // Celine Sunglasses five. // Louis Vuitton Clutch six. // Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote
seven. // Black Gucci Belt eight. // Brown Gucci Belt nine. // Gucci Sneakers ten. // Black Gucci Crossbody


Best of all, it’s easy to resell your bag once you find yourself lusting after next season’s must have! I actually just hit ‘Buy It Now’ on a new handbag, and saved thousands of dollars! (I’ll share it soon!) It wasn’t part of eBay’s Authenticate program, but the seller included photos of the serial number, authenticity certificate, and guaranteed free returns if unsatisfied!

Do you have a history with eBay? What’s the best score you’ve ever found? Don’t forget, I have a curated page on their site featuring lots of fun finds! You can check it out here…and let me know what you love searching on eBay and I’ll add them to my page!



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