How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

Hello, hello, and happy hump day! We wrapped the main parts of our Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Collection photoshoot yesterday, but today we’re attempting to shoot some fun video content for you. I’ve never felt like such a Boomer in my life, ha! I’m sure my kids will be cringing when they see it, but we’re having so much fun!

I was in full glam-mode the last two days, thanks to the magic of Suzie Moldavon. Any time I’m in her chair, I try to soak up all her tips to use in my everyday life! The same is true during my hair appointments. Why is it I can never duplicate my stylist’s blow-outs or easy curls?!

At my last appointment, I peppered David with a million questions about his effortless beachy waves… and turns out he uses a straightener! And not just any iron, but the Dyson Corrale hair straightener.

I’ve always been a curling iron girl… plus, I’m not all that coordinated with hair tools, and curling with a straightener intimidated me!

But after David’s tutorial with the Dyson Corrale straightener, I realized it’s actually quite simple… and creates incredible waves and curls.

There’s no shortage of straighteners on the market, but the Dyson Corrale straightener is definitely at the top of the heap!

Think shiny, sleek results in fewer passes with less heat damage and no fried-hair smell! Unlike conventional straighteners that use solid plates, the Dyson Corrale is the only straightener with flexible plates to shape and gather hair, which means straightening and curls are achieved in a single pass. The copper alloy plates also allow it to work more efficiently at lower heat levels, which again, means less damage!

It also has intelligent heat control that responds to the thickness, texture, and length of your hair, automatically controlling the temperature for optimal styling results. Oh yeah, it’s also cord-free!

It comes with a charging dock that allows for 30-minutes of cord-free use, more than enough time for my shorter hair. You could always use it plugged in if you need more time.

The Dyson Corrale straightener also has three heat settings, and reaches your desired temperature in mere seconds! Plus, the exterior stays cool, so you can lock it closed for immediate transport after use.

I love how it not only straightens with a single pass, but makes the hair so smooth and shiny, too! Notice how the plates are keeping my hair from splaying out the sides? That means every hair is smoothed in one pass.

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener //

Turns out, it’s just as easy to curl your hair with a straighter, as it is a curling iron… making the Dyson Corrale straightener a 2-in-1 hair tool!

1. Make sure you start with detangled, completely dry hair, and work in small sections. My hair is fine, so two sections is enough.

2. Begin with medium heat, and adjust up or down depending on your hair type and texture. Grab a 1-inch piece of hair, comb it smooth, and place the straightener vertically at the root.

3. Gently rotate the straightener a complete 360-degree turn, just like you would a curling iron, while holding it clamped shut. There’s no need to use a death grip, the tool will do the work for you!

4. Slowly slide the straightener down the entire section of hair, all the way through the ends. The key is to go slowly so the heat has time to reach all the strands with one pass. Kind of like curling ribbon with scissors… the slower you go, the better the curl!

5. Voila! Smooth, perfect curls! Sometimes a curl will need a little nudge, so I just twirl it around my finger while it’s still warm.

6. Repeat around your entire head, then do the top section. I always curl away from my face in the front, then alternate the direction of the curls on the sides and back. That helps gives the hair more fullness and dimension.

7. Run the Dyson Corrale over your ends to straighten them a bit.

From there, I just tousle it with my fingers, and add a little hairspray and texture spray. If I want them less curly, I’ll run a brush through the curls.

Sugarplum Tip: If you want to keep the curls tighter, let the hair cool completely before breaking them up with your fingers or a comb.

The Dyson Corrale straightener is definitely the Cadillac of hair tools, but what else do we expect from the wizards at Dyson?! (I mean, hello, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is a game changer!) They spent seven years and millions of dollars to research and develop this hair tool, so every detail has been covered!

So tell me, do you prefer curling with a traditional wand or a straightener? I hope this tutorial has been helpful, and maybe you discovered a new styling method!



*Photos by the darling and talented Audrie Dollins. This post is created in collaboration with Dyson and ShopStyle, but all product selections, opinions and split ends are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors.*

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