The Fence is Falling, The Fence is Falling

Okay, so the situation in our backyard might not be as bad as Chicken Little would have you think. But close. You know when you buy a house and immediately you see things that need to be fixed (not just the blue carpet)? Well, when we bought our house the Summer of 69 2005, we knew the fence, with all it’s homemade construction and stain the color of baby poop, would have to be replaced.

Year after year we talked about how much we loathed that homely fence; yet never did anything about it. Finally it’s become a problem we can no longer ignore.

butterfly chairs

That’s not so bad! Oh wait, that picture was in the middle of Summer, when discrepancies can be disguised by pots of pretty flowers. Here’s how we look after a hard Winter.

sloan bday party 127

You like what I’ve got going on in the pots? Keeping it real, folks.

sloan bday party 131

Bad, but not terrible, right? Well let’s take a closer look. Does this look upright and stable to you?

sloan bday party 130

I’m no expert, but I think this retaining wall is fairly important with a pool!?

sloan bday party 129
(Thanks for shoving rocks in the gap, Mr. Sugarplum! That was helpful.)

And as if it’s not bad enough that the fence was a hazard, but now we’re crapball neighbors because we let it lounge all over their fence!

sloan bday party 126

Tetanus shot, anyone?

sloan bday party 125

So you can imagine our joy when we found Fence Me In, a great local company that quoted us an extremely fair price for a new cedar fence (and retaining wall!)! One hour after they arrived, I came home to this view:

They aren’t playing around!

I posted this pic yesterday and some of you thought I had a double lot! Hilarious. Yes darling, we couldn’t decide which pool we liked, so we built two! Actually, our neighbors were so excited about Fence Me In and their stellar work, they are getting a new fence at the same time.

I’m so excited to see it complete! And while we still have a lot of work to do in the backyard before it looks like this again:

backyard now
(I’m giving you the stink-eye next, Mr. Arbor!)

We do have this little bit of foliage that survived!

sloan bday party 134

Are you planning to work on your outdoor space soon? What necessary projects have you been putting off? After all the excitement last weekend, we might keep this one low-key!! Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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  1. I was one of the sillys who thought you just might have had 2 pools- hehe. Your new fence will be gorgeous and your yard is so lush…love!!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  2. Oh my gosh… how hilarious since we have something similar going on with our fence. The good thing is that I can't see if from the inside and we don't have an alley, so I'm ignoring it! Looking forward to seeing the after shots:)

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  3. Lisa wrote:

    "I'm giving you the stink eye next, Mr. Arbor" LOL!
    Isn't it great to see a project you've wanted done for so long come to fruition? Love when that happens.

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  4. Every single day you make me laugh out loud! Good luck with the fence!!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  5. You have such a great outdoor space! Good luck with the new fence!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  6. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Ha, love it! Been in the backyard all week, and still going at it. However, we now have NO WATER!! Pipe busted, somewhere between the master shower, closet, dining room and kitchen…yes, I am so not a happy camper!!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  7. I totally thought you had two pools!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  8. Ms. Bright wrote:

    I don't care what anybody says {yeah, you Cassie} that's a great backyard that's going to be flippin' sweet with the new fence! I'm so glad I'm not the only design blogger out there with disrepair going on. You're way braver, I can't make myself post the pics!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  9. Our backyard is just as dismal. We plant, it dies 4 months later. No joke. We've just hired yet another landscaping dude to come save us. UGH!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  10. I say go fenceless and make it more neighborly 😉 Happy you found someone you love to get it done just in time for summer fun. enjoy your mellow weekend.

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  11. We all know you're a high roller and have 2 lots and 2 pools silly. Ha! Seriously though, how cool would that be?! The new fence is going to be great, congrats!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  12. Whew! What a job! It looks good…nobody likes a a fence in disrepair (glares at her next door neighbor's falling fence…contemplating a friendly confrontation on the matter). Now, sit back next to that lovely pool of yours and have a drink (of the umbrella sort)…you deserve it.

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  13. That's keepin it real for ya! We just got a quote form a landscaper on our front yard. $1400 he quoted. I gotta get a green thumb, QUICK!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  14. I totally thought you had 2 pools too as I envied you for even having warm weather now!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  15. I love your patio… makes me itch and want to come down to TX. As for me, I am working on class projects – no outdoor fun stuff this week 🙁

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  16. Wow! Its like your on an episode of Yard Crashers! Exciting stuff!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  17. Anonymous wrote:

    Cassie – for all your readers who don't yet have a green thumb…just get online and find the extension arm of your state ag college (here in TX – ask mr. smartyplants, through TX A&M). They'll give you great info on plants and the specific VARIETY that will work in your area – will save you lots of money and lots of plant funerals! Ali

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  18. I'm not gonna lie…for a second there yesterday I though you had a pool and a big-ace hot tub…and then I realized your fence was down. Cue Ah-ha moment. (c: I'm loving your backyard…and your gorgeous paned wall-o-windows is fan-freakin'-tastic! Whew! That was a lot of dashes. Happy Weekend, girl, get that relaxing in!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  19. What is it about Dallas fences…ours was falling down 2 weeks ago….yes, that retaining wall my be important..just a wee bit!!! Your backyard is beautiful!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  20. You have a stunning back yard. Once the fence is replaced you'll have your own little oasis.

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  21. jandjhome wrote:

    Oh I know the feeling. Our fence was kind of old when we bought the house, but after the hurricanes a few years ago, it was literally on the floor. Great part is we are on a corner lot and my family room has no window coverings. Yea, we lived with black garbage bags taped to the windows for a couple of weeks. Your backyard is lovely.

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  22. What a great backyard and retreat for your family! I'd love to have a pool, but not the most practical living in Seattle. Enjoy your weekend!

    Posted 4.8.11 Reply
  23. You are way too funny! I loved reading the post. It's really looking good! We have a few of those projects in the backyard that we've been putting off, but that will eventually get done too. We're in year two of living here… one of them is the surround to hide the pool equipment. It was half done when we moved in and…still is. So excited for you and your yard!

    Posted 4.9.11 Reply
  24. emily wrote:

    Man, they worked fast! What a difference having a new fence will make. Loving your outdoor space back there. When's the pool party?

    We are in the process of finding a landscape architect who can come in a redo our crapball outside space. Justin ripped up a bunch of things last weekend (unplanned) so now we need something to go in its place!

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  25. i love that your neighbors are joining in to get a new fence at the same time. 🙂 i hope one day to have an amazing backyard like yours! it looks like such a great place for entertaining!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  26. I just want to come layout at your pool!!

    Posted 4.14.11 Reply
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