{DIY} Sisal Trivets

Hello and happy hump day! It felt like it’d been forever since I posted an easy DIY, so it was great to give my glue gun some action again. I’m having a love affair with natural textures lately, especially sisal, and I’m thrilled with how this little project turned out!

may2 073

If you’ve got a few minutes, and even fewer bucks, you can whip out these Sisal Trivets, too. I had a package of natural sisal rope on hand (found at Home Depot for $5), and decided to give my plain cork trivets (these from Ikea for $3) a makeover.

may2 031

Starting on the outside edge of the cork, lay down a continuous strip of glue, wrapping the rope as you go. You’ll want to work in small 5-inch sections so you get the rope attached before the glue dries.

may2 032

After the edge is covered, wrap the next circle to the top of the cork and keep gluing in a bullseye pattern, keeping the rope in one continuous strand.

may2 033

When you get to the very middle, wrap the circles as tightly as possible, then cut the rope and press it in the hole with a final blob of glue. TWSS Trim any excess length.

may2 034
may2 040

Pretty darn cute, yes? I love all the nubby texture, and the cork bottom still provides a nice, steady surface.

may2 037

I happened to be talking to my aunt while trying to unsuccessfully stain them (P.S. Sisal doesn’t want to absorb stain.), when she suggested painting them a fun pattern. You could certainly leave them natural, but I almost never pass up the opportunity to bust out the spray paint. Since I wasn’t dealing with a flat surface, I kept the pattern simple.

may2 041

A few light layers of ‘Lagoon’ paint, and a clear coat to seal, and I’ve got a cheery new trivet. It feels very West Elm to me, except it cost less than $3.

may2 070

may2 073

There is a fair amount of rope left, so expect something else to pop up from it! Have you whipped out any projects lately? Or ever created anything with sisal rope? I’m so excited to have my crafting dry spell come to an end!

UPDATE: I whipped up a Sisal Bowl with that remnant of rope!

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  1. Amy wrote:

    How clever! I have those exact same trivets & they will be getting a makeover soon! Thanks for the idea!

    Posted 6.20.12 Reply
  2. That's so cute and practical
    I might just try it one of this days.

    Yadira B.

    Posted 6.20.12 Reply
  3. You are so stinking creative Cassie. I've got some extra rope in my garage, and I'm totally going to do this!

    Posted 6.20.12 Reply
  4. So cute and creative!! I really should make some of these, but let's be realistic, it will never happen!

    Posted 6.20.12 Reply
  5. Super cute idea! I am obsessed with Lagoon Spray Paint! I am painting a table and chair in it as we speak! I think I may have seen you dropping your kids at summer camp this morning… I was dropping my kids there and when I saw you I recognized you but could not figure out where I knew you from until I opened today's blog post and it hit me! So funny!!

    Posted 6.20.12 Reply
  6. Love this idea! They are so cute painted too! Thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to wrap some glass bottles with sisal/twine too!

    Posted 6.20.12 Reply
  7. Kelly!! Seriously?! Which camp…I dropped each kid at a different place. If the person you saw looked like she just rolled out of bed, then it was me! 🙂 Say Hi next time!! And your blogger account is No Reply, so I can't email you back.

    Posted 6.20.12 Reply
  8. LOVE the way these turned out!!!! Very West Elm-ish 🙂

    Posted 6.20.12 Reply
  9. Pamela R wrote:

    Oh how I love sisal rope and its versatility! These are amazing!

    Posted 6.21.12 Reply
  10. Cute, easy project! I think we also have the same garden bench from World Market. Did you stain/seal yours? I haven't decided if I should, or not.

    Posted 6.21.12 Reply
  11. Hi Munsey Family! The bench is world market…and I didn't stain it, but did treat it with some wood conditioner. Mine doesn't get direct sun, so hopefully it will last!

    Posted 6.21.12 Reply
  12. Oops… I didn't no I made it "no reply"… It was the CCCC tennis/sports camp! My kids are loving it! I may not be able to say "Hi" to you because it is my friends turn to take and pic up tomorrow… I wish I would've realized that day and I totally would have stopped you. I think you are hilarious… I love your Blog! I gotta figure out this No Reply stuff??

    Posted 6.21.12 Reply
  13. this is too cool!

    Posted 6.22.12 Reply
  14. Such a fun pop of color for the kitchen! And cheap and easy — that's craft perfection!

    Posted 7.9.12 Reply
  15. Coming over from Young House Love and have to say that I LOVE your idea! Easy, useful and easy to customize!

    Posted 7.10.12 Reply
  16. Kara wrote:

    I love these! Would be such a fun gift 🙂

    Posted 7.10.12 Reply
  17. Andrea wrote:

    I love this project! It's definitely going on my list of things to try

    Posted 7.11.12 Reply
  18. simply amazing, just checked how much sisal rope cost in UK and Im going make it.
    Greetings from UK

    Posted 7.17.12 Reply
  19. Anonymous wrote:

    Can you use macrame twine? I have tons of it from the 70's!

    Posted 7.27.12 Reply
  20. Jackie B wrote:

    I'll bet I can get your wheels spinning with just one word. Ready? Sure you're ready???? Wait for it . . . . okay, one word. Chargers. As in placemats!!!! I think if these were just a tiny bit bigger, you can use them as chargers/place mats. Love them! I'm on my way to Home Depot now.

    Posted 8.28.12 Reply
  21. To make tiles out of old dishes/glassware, wrap the item in a cloth and smash with a hammer.

    Posted 10.9.12 Reply
  22. Celeste B. wrote:

    What type of product did you use to seal? Have you put a hot pot on them? Does the paint not bleed? Thanks.

    Posted 8.6.14 Reply
    • Hi Celeste! I used a spray poly acrylic, and it's held up great! Mine have been outside for the last years, and have gotten wet, hot, etc…and all is well! Hope this helps!

      Posted 8.7.14 Reply