{DIY} Sisal Trivets

Hello and happy hump day! It felt like it’d been forever since I posted an easy DIY, so it was great to give my glue gun some action again. I’m having a love affair with natural textures lately, especially sisal, and I’m thrilled with how this little project turned out!

may2 073

If you’ve got a few minutes, and even fewer bucks, you can whip out these Sisal Trivets, too. I had a package of natural sisal rope on hand (found at Home Depot for $5), and decided to give my plain cork trivets (these from Ikea for $3) a makeover.

may2 031

Starting on the outside edge of the cork, lay down a continuous strip of glue, wrapping the rope as you go. You’ll want to work in small 5-inch sections so you get the rope attached before the glue dries.

may2 032

After the edge is covered, wrap the next circle to the top of the cork and keep gluing in a bullseye pattern, keeping the rope in one continuous strand.

may2 033

When you get to the very middle, wrap the circles as tightly as possible, then cut the rope and press it in the hole with a final blob of glue. TWSS Trim any excess length.

may2 034
may2 040

Pretty darn cute, yes? I love all the nubby texture, and the cork bottom still provides a nice, steady surface.

may2 037

I happened to be talking to my aunt while trying to unsuccessfully stain them (P.S. Sisal doesn’t want to absorb stain.), when she suggested painting them a fun pattern. You could certainly leave them natural, but I almost never pass up the opportunity to bust out the spray paint. Since I wasn’t dealing with a flat surface, I kept the pattern simple.

may2 041

A few light layers of ‘Lagoon’ paint, and a clear coat to seal, and I’ve got a cheery new trivet. It feels very West Elm to me, except it cost less than $3.

may2 070

may2 073

There is a fair amount of rope left, so expect something else to pop up from it! Have you whipped out any projects lately? Or ever created anything with sisal rope? I’m so excited to have my crafting dry spell come to an end!

UPDATE: I whipped up a Sisal Bowl with that remnant of rope!

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