{DIY} Sisal Bowl

After jazzing up my plain cork trivets last week, I was left with a small roll of sisal rope. I love the natural texture it brings to spaces, so decided to create something for our Master Bathroom.

may2 085

I’ve seen tutorials online for wrapping existing bowls, but I was just looking to use up the rest of my rope while my glue gun was still hot, so I grabbed a glass candle holder from my stash. (You can find them anywhere, including the Dollar Store.)

may2 076

I didn’t want the glass base to show, so I started with the rope flush with the counter, and glued it to the base. Instead of wrapping the rope inward in a bullseye pattern (like the trivets), stack it vertically, adding glue between each layer.

may2 079

Keep the rope in one continuous strand, glueing and wrapping as you rotate the base.

may2 080

Once you reach the end of the rope, just tuck it inside and secure with more hot glue.

may2 081

The bowl feels very Summery to me, so I piled it with seashells collected on different beach trips.

may2 086

You’ll want to carry it by the base since the sides are only secured with hot glue, but the bowl is surprisingly sturdy! Especially with the solid glass base.

may2 082

You could make it as wide or tall as you want, depending on the size of the base and amount of rope. I’m pretty pleased with my 5-minute, freebie bowl! Have you whipped out any quickie projects this Summer? Can you believe I left this bowl natural?! My painter finger is twitching, but I’ll resist for now.

may2 085

And a happy, happy birthday to my beautiful Mom!!
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