{DIY} No-Sew Table Runner

Paint? Most definitely!
Glue Gun? Oh yeah!
Spray Adhesive? You know it!
Sew? Um, that’s a negative.

Apparently I skipped sewing day in Home Ec (doesn’t that class sound so antiquated now?!). And my mom wasn’t exactly Sally Sewer, so that’s just not a skill I’ve ever picked up. Which is probably just as well, I can only imagine how many throw pillows I’d have!

I love to DIY….it’s fun, a creative outlet, let’s me decide things at my own pace, provides a sense of accomplishment…lots of reasons. I don’t like to tell someone else my vision and have them carry it out for me. Which is exactly the case for any project that involves sewing!

BUT, in a lot of projects, you can get around that little hurdle….it’s called Stitch Witchery (or iron-on hem tape)! You remember my {Designer Crush} Erinn Valencich?

She also has a whole series of How-To’s on eHow.com. I’ve got a large portion of them bookmarked, but the one I tackled first was her How to Make a No Sew Table Runner.

I’ll walk you through my steps, but refer to her guide to find out how much fabric and ribbon you’ll need for your particular length table.

My breakfast table is fairly small, so I opted to make a runner for it first.

after 11

I like the Pier 1 runner on it now, but thought it’d be fun to pick up an existing pattern from the kitchen to connect the rooms. Remember this fabric I used to {Pizz-Azz} my glass kitchen cabinets?


Here’s what you need for your no-sew runner:


Fabric, hem tape, ribbon and iron.

First decide how wide and long you want your runner. I opted for 12″ wide, and since the fabric was 46″ wide, I decided to make my runner double-sided (being able to flip to the good side is imperative in my house!) So I cut the fabric 24″ wide, folded it over and ironed the whole thing, making sure to get a sharp edge on the fold line.


I used some spray adhesive between the layers of the folded fabric so it would lay nice and flat. You need to finish out the edges (since we’re not sewing an actual hem), and this is where the ribbon comes in. Make sure the edges are aligning properly and the whole thing is smooth from wrinkles and bubbles. I chose double-sided binding as my ribbon because it comes pre-folded (yay for shortcuts!):


Working in small sections, lay your runner at the seam of the binding and run the hem tape between the fabric and ribbon.


Press your iron firmly and slowing over the section until it adheres.


Work your way down one side (you’ll do the back later, so don’t worry about it yet), then the other. Then do each end, paying close attention to getting a clean cut at the corners.


Then flip it over and do the same thing to the back. This side will go quickly since the ribbon is already attached to the runner.


I didn’t make my runner very long because Mr. Sugarplum is finicky about it hanging in his lap. (If he had his way, every surface in our house would be cleared!)


My fabric was fairly heavy to start with, so it has a nice weight when doubled and doesn’t slip around the table.


If you have a keen eye, you noticed a Windsor chair at the table in one picture. I’m not a fan of matchy-matchy table/chair sets…so I’m playing with mixing it up with some newly inherited chairs.

I made the table runner on a rainy Sunday afternoon…and the whole project only took an hour or two (there were some snack breaks and TV distractions, so I can’t be sure.)

Stitch Witchery is some good stuff…what have you used it for? Will it hold if I throw this runner in the washing machine?

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  1. Just love it! I finally bought a sewing machine this year (a Brother CS6000 which I highly recommend), but I have managed to make curtains around my house and some Halloween costumes with just the iron on adhesive. The Stitch Witchery is supposed to hold up in the washing machine, but the items that I have washed a few times the adhesive is letting go a little. You just have to cut little pieces and mend the areas that it might come loose. Also, maybe washing it on delicate might help out.

    Posted 8.26.10 Reply
  2. That looks great! Love the colors! We just got a new dining table which is really long and this may be just the thing to add some 'pop' to it!

    Posted 8.26.10 Reply
  3. Heather wrote:

    Love it!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  4. Heather wrote:

    Love it!

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  5. AmericKim wrote:

    OMG! I am a DIY Sewer and it never – ever crossed my mind that I could take such short cuts! Wow – you rock! I would have done this the hard way and it would never have turned out nearly as nice as yours. Beautifully done 🙂

    Posted 8.27.10 Reply
  6. heather wrote:

    So I'm thinking my next trip to Dallas will include some projects for my house…to take home in my suitcase!?! 🙂 whatcha think???

    Posted 8.30.10 Reply
  7. brandymoon wrote:

    Great idea! I love the fabric that you used and how you found ways to make the project even easier for non-sewing!

    Posted 8.30.10 Reply
  8. Kari wrote:

    This looks fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful project!!!

    Posted 8.30.10 Reply
  9. Terri wrote:

    That turned out great. I made my first runner last week and sewed it, where were you when I needed you, LOL

    Posted 8.30.10 Reply
  10. Kim wrote:

    This is so cute. The fabric you used is just perfect and the brown border makes it look so crisp. I'd love if you'd link this up with Fabric Fun Thursday.

    Posted 8.31.10 Reply
  11. Great project. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 8.31.10 Reply
  12. Katie wrote:

    love this table runner!!!

    Posted 8.31.10 Reply
  13. JHill wrote:

    It looks great! Stitch Witchery is my fave. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

    Posted 8.31.10 Reply
  14. Ashley wrote:

    Very cute! I may have to try this one!

    Posted 9.1.10 Reply
  15. Kara wrote:

    You are my kind of gal. I don't sew either…although I just got a hand me down sewing machine that I didn't know my Mom owned…because she never used it. My husband taught me how to iron my clothes and he sew's the buttons. My glue of choice thus far is fabri tac though…I'll have to give yours a shot! Great job on the runner, it looks awesome!

    Posted 9.1.10 Reply
  16. This turned out really cute and I love that you didn't have to sew one bit!

    Posted 9.2.10 Reply
  17. April wrote:

    I am bookmarking this one!

    Posted 9.2.10 Reply
  18. Your my hero..I cannot sew either and I hate it. I have been wanting a runner for so long you just made my day!

    Posted 9.3.10 Reply
  19. Susan wrote:

    I don't sew either and I love your table runner. Great job ;o)

    Posted 9.4.10 Reply
  20. This is fabulous!! I love it! I can't sew either but I may have to try this. GORGEOUS!

    Found you via the Get your craft on Tuesday party. 🙂

    Posted 9.7.10 Reply
  21. FYI – I tweeted about this and I'm your newest follower. Great blog. 🙂

    Posted 9.7.10 Reply
  22. Kelley wrote:

    I love it! I only sew straight lines… if I have to sew at all that is…LOL. I love the fabric you chose.

    Posted 9.7.10 Reply
  23. :Looks great!!! I may have to make a few of these for Thanksgiving coming up….last year I did lavender silk for my chocolate table….need to pick new colors for this year now!"

    Posted 9.8.10 Reply
  24. Amy wrote:

    What a great project and I love it. Just came across your blog and am impressed with all your talent. I would love to know where you got your fabric or if you know the name of the designer. amy@sagecommunities.com Thanks so much!!!

    Posted 9.10.10 Reply
  25. Chris wrote:

    What a great project! Of course, it's always nice when you don't have to sew it! Even better!

    Posted 9.12.10 Reply
  26. I love this!!! I almost used that same fabric for a seat bench I just made. I'm still second-guessing the fabric I ended up with but I keep reminding myself I can always change it! p.s. your home is just gorgeous!! off to look at more . . .

    Posted 9.12.10 Reply
  27. Thank you so much for linking up with us, I've featured your tut on our link up this week, feel free to stop by and grab a button and would love for you to link up this week too!


    Posted 9.13.10 Reply
  28. NVmom wrote:

    Love that! Those are my fave colors too: blue and brown. You've inspired me. I have a VERY long dining room table and the table runners that will span it are mucho $, so I'm all over this.
    Thanks for the great tutorial!

    Posted 9.13.10 Reply
  29. emily wrote:

    Love this idea. Now I don't have to ask my mother-in-law to sew me one!

    Posted 10.27.10 Reply
  30. Kerri wrote:

    Just found your blog and I LOVE it! I am definitely NOT a sewer but I sooo love picking out fabric. I'm thrilled to find ideas for things I can do instead of sew. Love the runner! I'll be following you. Thanks! 🙂

    Posted 4.23.11 Reply
  31. I love it. Can I ask where the fabric came from? Would so match my home's colors.

    Posted 7.2.11 Reply
  32. Gabitsa wrote:

    May I ask where from did you get the fabric?


    Posted 3.22.12 Reply
  33. Gabitsa — thanks girl, I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby!

    Posted 3.23.12 Reply