{DIY} Missoni-Style Drinking Glasses

I’ll admit it. I was part of the frenzy and the chaos. I jumped on the bandwagon. I was one of the masses that stormed Target the day Missoni was released. Actually, I thought I’d be more clever than the masses and charge the website first thing in the morning. But the masses proved stronger and crashed the site.

So I tried being more clever than our local shoppers and went to the most random, out-of-the-way Target during my lunch break. But the masses had wiped it clean hours before.


I put my stalking skills to work, and finally managed to place an order for the Missoni pieces I was most interested in. Namely, the frosted glasses.


The first of my shipment arrived last week, and I was disappointed to find that my new “drinking glasses” were less than 4-inches tall (I’ll wait while you hold your fingers up to figure out just how small that is). They looked better suited for a jello shot than iced tea. To Target’s credit, the website referred to them as “wine glasses,” so I should have known better. As my desire for chevron glasses grew, I did what any good DIYer does…made my own!


Gathered my supplies: a set of Ikea drinking glasses, painter’s tape and Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray.


First, I wrapped the lip of the glass with tape to avoid poisoning my guests so our mouths wouldn’t touch the painted part. Then I cut out varying sizes of zig-zags with the painters tape, and applied securely to the glass. This part was tedious, I’m not going to lie. Like, question your sanity tedious. A silhouette machine would have come in handy, as would graphed contact paper, but I had neither. Learn from my first mistake, people.


I filled each glass with newspaper so no paint would find it’s way in, and painted three light coats of Frosted Glass spray. It was beyond stinky, but went on beautifully! At first it appears shiny and clear, then quickly dries to a frosty look.


After a few hours, I pulled off the tape and marveled at my genius.


All back-patting kidding aside, I was thrilled with how they turned out.

Picnik collage

And in this case, size did matter. I wanted a larger glass more suited to every-day drinks, but still fun and stylish for a table setting.


I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to photograph glass, but it’s uncooperative. Here’s my cheery glass serving as a vase for flowers on their last leg.

Missoni glass

Did you notice I said ‘first mistake’ and ‘was thrilled.’ Here’s my second lesson you should take to heart if duplicating this project….hand-wash only!!! Why-oh-why did I think I could run my fun new glasses through the dishwasher?!? The paint literally melted off and was left in dried clumps all over the glasses. I was so heart-broken, and ticked at myself, that I just threw them away. So my inexpensive little project just doubled in price, because I will make them again!


The rest of my Missoni order is trickling in, and I’ll show you what makes the cut. The rest, Rita Return will take care of. Have you ever completely sabotaged your own project?

Update: I tried again with more success…check it out here.

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  1. Lili wrote:

    hahaha cassie! i LOVE it! i must say, your's even looked better (nevermind the dishwasher fiasco)!!!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  2. Simply LKJ wrote:

    Good for you for giving it a go! And, I agree…yours look better.

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  3. Bahahaha, your story made my day!! Great job!! Your glasses look fantastic! Sorry about the dishwasher episode!!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  4. I would never have thought to frost my own glasses, so kudos to you for that. They looked great, too. (I'm sorry about the dishwasher sabotage.)

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  5. I do stuff like that all the time! I wonder is there's a paint out there that would be dishwasher safe?

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  6. Camila wrote:

    I love that frosted glass spray! Congrats on a job well done. Love the way they turn out. I probably would have been pulling my hair out trying to get the chevron shape cut out of painters tape. Bravo!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  7. Awww I'm so sad for you after all of that tedious hard work. Hopefully, now that you know how to do it, you can re-create them even quicker!! Love the glasses!! You are a genious! 😉 Who needs Missoni for Target when we have you?

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  8. Those look so great! Too bad they melted! I wonder if using etching glass stuff would work better then the frosted glass spray? Not sure about the dishwaher safeness of that though either. I got the missoni martini glasses and I'm debating if I should keep them or not. I love the pattern but I'm not sure if I will ever use them…

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  9. Awesome job! They look better than the real thing. Sorry about the melting though – drat!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  10. Incredible!!! I love how yours turned out – the handmade quality of them is just beautiful! How creative!

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  11. They look great! Leave it to us bloggers, we can make anything!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  12. AWESOME job! I think I prefer your over theirs!! Can you ship them out…preferably without them going out of sale first? 🙂

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  13. Oh you poor thing. I am so sorry about the washing mishap. . but so impressed with your patience in taping those. They turned out great. I went a tad bananas with the Missoni and have returned all but a couple of things. I think your Rita Return rubbed off on me!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  14. Jani wrote:

    Super cute project–I agree, your version makes way more sense as an actual product. I also would like to suggest using an actual glass etching product–you can get it fairly inexpensively from a craft store like Michael's and will not wash off–it actually etches into the glass to frost it. I've run my etched glass through the dishwasher with no problem. Do a test run on one glass to see how long you want to leave the medium on–the longer you leave it on, the deeper the etch. And don't worry, when you rinse it off it seems to disappear completely, but it will come back when dry. 🙂

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  15. Great idea! Although I'm not sure I want any dishes that are hand wash only- it's all I can do to get them in the dishwasher as is. 🙂

    I just found your blog this AM when I posted about a fun, little (read: excruciatingly long) stencil/paint project myself this morning. http://oneprojectatatime.blogspot.com/2011/10/177-cutting-rug.html

    I was looking for similar projects now that I've got the stencil bug. I'm excited to follow along with what you do! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  16. So, so fabulous!!! And crazy but in a totally good way!!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  17. you are so smart! what a great thrifty and more importantly AVAILABLE solution!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  18. Leslie wrote:

    Wow, you're way more patient than me! Those look great. 🙂

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  19. Beth wrote:

    Cassie – This is a great idea! I can see myself utilizing this idea to not only get exactly what I am looking for but to make personalized gifts for birthdays, weddings, and more! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  20. Well done! They look fabulous! I might have to try this one!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  21. I like your glasses better – let's go into business selling Missoni knock-offs?

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  22. Fantastic Cassie! What a wonderful idea and for so much less!

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  23. omg. Cutting tape sounds ridiculously frustrating!

    I totally thought, hmm that's about a double shot glass?

    Posted 10.3.11 Reply
  24. Great idea, Cassie! I bet that was a total 'Doh!' moment when you realized what happened in the dishwasher!!

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  25. O-M-G what made you think og doing that? That's incredible and I'm very impressed!! Love them! Can I order a set from you! hehe!

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  26. ALi wrote:

    You are so creative! I love these so much I pinned them to pinterest and am definitely planning on making some.

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  27. jandjhome wrote:

    Oh, I love them. Are you willing to handwash your glasses every day? I'm so lazy when it comes to handwashing. They look great.

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  28. Oh my word! Cassie, these are genius! Glass is really reaaaaally hard to photograph. You did a great job. These would make awesome gifts. 🙂

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  29. Love love love this! Let us know if the paint holds up to hand washing – hopefully, second time's the charm 🙂


    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  30. Cassie –
    Totally love this idea! Bummer that the paint didn't hold up in the wash….hmmmm….I'm sure I would have done the same thing!

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  31. Of course you made you own! You are amazing.

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  32. Michaela wrote:

    Alright so we're both obsessed with chevron! (: Love these! Must have taken a lot of patience.

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  33. You blow me away! I think you need your own show!!!

    Posted 10.4.11 Reply
  34. michele wrote:

    really clever!

    love it! found you via MUSOS and
    hope you'll enter my giveaway and decide to follow:



    Posted 10.5.11 Reply
  35. emily wrote:

    Those look fabulous and would make excellent Christmas presents! You're so clever! Can't wait to see your other Missoni goodies too!

    Posted 10.6.11 Reply
  36. So fun! Definitely going to try this with a Silhouette and etching cream. Thanks for posting and letting us know what you learned!

    Posted 10.8.11 Reply
  37. Good thing you took photos before putting the glasses in the dishwasher! How frustrating … but they really did turn out great! And I admire anyone that works without a Silhouette machine, as sometimes those seem like cheating!

    Posted 10.10.11 Reply
  38. Joanna wrote:

    Wow! these are super amazing looking. great idea for a vase or something else decorative!

    Posted 10.11.11 Reply
  39. She SAYS wrote:

    I really like your work! Now I want to try YOUR idea, but use Jani's advice so I don't have to handwash. Amazing!

    Posted 10.11.11 Reply
  40. Great idea! Thanks for sharing =)

    Posted 10.12.11 Reply
  41. Job well done, better to keep writing on frosted glass. Nice to be here.

    Posted 2.5.13 Reply
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