{DIY} Mirror Boxes

Hello friends! How was your weekend? We had a busy one, full of good friends and the kid’s sports. A nasty cold kept me from doing too much on the project front, but I did manage to help out my mom. We did one of my favorite activities…rearranged all the decor in her Living Room! It’s amazing how new a space can look just by removing some items, and moving others around. I also convinced her to let spray paint work it’s magic on a few things before she decides to replace them! I can’t wait to get my hands on them and convert her to a paint believer.

Today I’ve actually got another promised DIY project from my bookshelves (last week was the Dipped Bottles)! I’m on a roll, but don’t get used to it.


No, we’re not making the tall shore bird. Although that would be fun to try! Some ideas you see and file away for a future ‘maybe.’ Others you can’t get to the store for supplies fast enough. That’s how I felt when Karen at Art of Doing Stuff posted her mirror boxes! I think I made mine the day after discovering her post.

mirror boxes

They don’t take much…just some square mirrors from the craft store, and a glue gun.


I chose beveled mirrors for the sides, and a flat mirror for the base. Since the flat one didn’t have feet, I added cork protectors for the bottom.


Run a thin line of hot glue along the edge of a mirror’s backside, then align it to the outside edge of your base mirror. You have to move fast because the glue dries quickly. If that happens, just peel it off and start again. Then hold the mirror in place for a few seconds until it sets. Repeat this for all four side mirrors, and add a little glue at the inside corner seams if you feel it needs more stability.


About 2 minutes later, you’ve got a pretty little mirror box! It is surprisingly sturdy, too. (Scrape off the black pads before gluing if you think they’ll be seen.)


I’ve got a plant in mine, so the inside stays hidden.


I love how pretty and reflective it is on my shelves. This is one of those things that looks perfect anywhere…shelves, coffee table, kitchen window, side table. Wherever you want to add a little shot of glamour.



I whipped up a few more and grouped them as a dining table centerpiece. I think these have end-of-year teacher gifts written all over them! Especially since they cost less than $7 each.


Thank you, Karen, for the fab idea, and feeding my ‘simple, cheap and easy’ project addiction!

mirror boxes

Anyone running to the store for supplies right this second? Or are you glassy-eyed and mouth-breathing like me, with a red, chapped nose? Which one of you carrier monkeys gave me this wicked cold?!

And P.S….Apartment Therapy has cranked up The Homies….and this year added a Best DIY Blog! Hop over and vote for Hi Sugarplum! if you’re so inclined. It’d be cool to get a vote other than my mom’s. 

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