{DIY} Marble Tray

Trays are one of my favorite home accessories…not only for creating vignettes, but for stylish de-cluttering. I use them in literally every room, on almost every surface. I’ve been eyeing some marble and stone trays because of the texture they add, but they are so dang expensive! I’ve thought of DIYing my own, but the idea of me trying to drill through stone is an un-safe thought…and all the really strong glues are too messy with the foaming and expanding, that the finished project would look janky. Until now.

The new Elmer’s ProBond Advanced claims to be the strongest and safest multi-surface glue that is able to provide strength, durability, and ease of use with a clean finished appearance. So I knew just the project to test that theory.

Marble Tile from hardware store (mine is 6×12 and was $2.50!)
Drawer / Cabinet Pulls (I sprayed mine gold for more glam)
Rubber Bumpers
Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue

Start by applying the self-adhesive rubber bumpers to each of the corners on the bottom of the tile. This will help it sit level, and not scratch your surfaces.

  Measure your hardware and determine the center-point for positioning it on the tile.

  Use painter’s tape to mark the position.

 Apply a thin layer of Elmer’s ProBond Advanced. I love that it’s got a slight gray tint, so it’s easy to see where you’re applying it, and it’s thick enough to not drip.

Tip: Make sure to choose handles that have a flat surface for gluing, and don’t have visible holes for screws.

Place the handle in place, and push down firmly for a few moments. It doesn’t set instantly, so you have time to move it around and adjust. But that also means you need to make sure it’s not bumped during the drying process. A damp cotton swab quickly cleaned up the excess glue.

Repeat the process on the other side, then let dry overnight. There was no foaming, expanding, or messy residue!

Then have more fun than Miley Cyrus at a lollipop shop styling it around your home.

The marble and gold combination is gorgeous in virtually any vignette, and no one would ever guess you DIYed it for less than $10!


I’m so smitten with the tray, I used some acryllic pulls I had on hand to make another! This glue has no problems adhering mixed materials like plastic to stone, or metal to stone. My wheels are already spinning with ideas for more uses. And the fact that the ProBond Advanced doesn’t foam or expand, opens up a whole new array of projects!

Bathrooms, Kitchens, coffee tables…the tray works everywhere! And the marble is food-safe, so you could even make a larger one as a serving dish.


What projects are a possibility for you now that we have this sweet new glue?! Check out the Elmer’s Mixed Materials Pinterest board for ideas.

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  1. Oh I love this idea- an inexpensive way to get more marble into my life!! haha

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  2. OK….seriously! I love this simple DIY….something I could do:)

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  3. Oh, I love this! Great Idea Cassie!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  4. Shut up! I'm totally doing this! We just so happen to have left over marble tiles that are PERFECT for and begging to be used for this.

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  5. Simply LKJ wrote:

    What a great project! One can never have too many trays (or baskets for that matter).

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  6. Heather wrote:

    I love the look of these!! I may have to make one for my nightstand!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  7. this is SO cute!! love it and it looks doable! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  8. Awesome idea! Where is your succulent from? LOVEEE – I have been looking for one!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  9. LOVE this!!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  10. that is a great idea!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  11. that looks so chic! I love it!! xo Kristin

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  12. Once again, you prove your brilliance! These are AWESOME!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  13. Your creativity floors me!!! I LOVE this!!!! Off to copy you per usual.

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  14. I adore this! Pinning now! Thanks for sharing!!! xx

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  15. Thanks for the heads up on this glue! These trays are gorgeous and now my wheels are spinning!!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  16. What a clever idea!!! Must give this a go soon!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  17. This is so great! These would make perfect little gifts too! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  18. Seriously love this! And since reading your post, I've spotted a minimum of 462 spots where I need this exact tray (well, maybe half with gold handles and half with lucite) throughout my house. Seriously.

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  19. Those trays are so beautiful! I can't wait to try out that glue. Now to just find the perfect project.

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  20. That is so neat! What an awesome project! I may have to try this in one of our bathrooms…

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  21. Elaine wrote:

    This is a GREAT idea! Thanks so much 🙂

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  22. Cassie! You're brilliant! This will totally work with all my mirrored tile as well! I get so nervous drilling into those suckers since they're so delicate and fragile! Putting this on my hardware shopping list STAT! Hope they hold up, marble is soooo heavy!

    Thank you again for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest event design!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  23. Smart cookie!! Those would be awesome hostess gifts with some nice cheese (or chocolate)!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  24. Stop it! This is killer. Love love love it!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  25. Alexa wrote:

    Oh I LOVE this idea. So elegant and glamorous! 🙂

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  26. I am completely in love with this. Love love love it!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  27. What an awesome DIY! I need to give this a shot.

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  28. Genius! Too adorable. I think I am going to need some Marble tiles stat!

    Posted 2.25.14 Reply
  29. I am definitely doing this! So cool! I have a round piece of marble left over from where they cut out the circle hole for the sink. Been wondering what to do with that . . .

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  30. emily wrote:

    Marble + brass = perfection. These are great! (And I made your ring/coin dish for hostess gifts, and they turned out so cute! I'll have to email you a picture.)

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
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    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  32. How do you come up with these acts of genius!? I need like twelve of these, can't wait to make one, SO simple!

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  33. How genius are you?! I love a project that doesn't take much effort, and this appears to be super easy and comes out chic at the same time!

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  34. Love this!!!! You are a smarty miss thing. xo doll

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  35. A Garcia wrote:

    Oh wow, so gonna try this! Thx for sharing this brilliant idea!

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  36. What a creative idea! I'm pinning!
    House on the Way

    Posted 2.27.14 Reply
  37. This is genius! Love this, pinning now!

    Posted 2.27.14 Reply
  38. This is such a stunning project with simple materials! Great idea, I love it!

    Posted 2.28.14 Reply
  39. This is incredible! I'd drive to Home Depot right now if it wasn't nap time! 🙂
    Thanks for always posting budget-friendly projects and a life-style! Makes this reader love you even more!

    Posted 2.28.14 Reply
  40. I just loved this idea… So Sunday I went to Home Depot and got a 12×12 (that was the only size they had). Did as you and glue instructed, but it could hold! I was totally bummed!! There were two things that could have caused it 1) my handles were too small for the size or 2) the 12×12 weight of the stone was too much for the glue. I'm thinking it's the weight, so I'm now trying epoxy! I just loved this idea I couldn't give up. 🙂

    Posted 3.5.14 Reply
  41. This is fabulous!! All Things Big and Small told me about this DIY. I had seen it on a magazine and had been meaning to try it. I love the Elmer's glue tip. I really need to try this asap!

    Posted 4.18.14 Reply
  42. JBF wrote:

    The tray looks fabulous! How has the glue held after a couple of months? Still going strong? I am making some things for my (soon-to-launch) etsy store and I would hate for things to start falling apart.



    Posted 4.25.14 Reply
    • I have lost one of the handles, but easily popped it back on with more glue. I'd def conduct your own tests with glue brands before deciding!! Good luck with your shop!

      Posted 4.28.14 Reply
  43. I know this is way after the original post but were did you get the 6X12 tile? I love the rectangle look but don't have or want a tile saw and I can't find anything but square tiles! Love this gorgeous idea!

    Posted 3.16.15 Reply
    • Hi Katherine! I found it at a store that specializes in tile and flooring (Floor & Decor)…they have a much larger selection than Lowes or Home Depot. Hope this helps…good luck!

      Posted 3.23.15 Reply
  44. Simple and yet so elegant! Can't wait to do on my own! http://www.lovesthefind.com

    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  45. zbarkeshli wrote:

    This looks amazing. What gold spray did you use for the handles? Could you please provide the link? Thanks so much.

    Posted 8.25.16 Reply