{DIY} Animal Bookends

Hello and happy February 1st! Where have you gone, Father Time?! Did you know February has 29 days this year? Does that mean there are 366 days in 2012? Weird. I guess our employers get a free day out of us. *disgruntled*

Today’s project is one I am stupidly, inappropriately giddy about, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you! I’m also on a roll with the $2 project this week, since my only purchase was….wait for it…..


…..Plastic elephants from the dollar bin! I found these at the Target Danger Dollar Zone for $1 each, and the spray paint I already owned (duh). As for the rocks, you can find them in the garden department of the hardware store, on walks in park, or stone yards. I happen to have a stone yard nearby (kind of random, right?!), so I grabbed my ‘Rattlesnake Rocks’ (that’s really what they’re called) there. The poor guys were so confused by my request, they just let me wander around and take whatever scraps I wanted.

I originally planned to use stone tiles as the bases, but they were too small and not heavy enough to hold the weight of books.

I didn’t love the tusks, so I trimmed them off with scissors, then gave each animal a few light coats of spray paint. I wanted the rocks to sit straight, so I filed the bottoms down using our concrete driveway. A dot of super glue to the bottom of each foot adheres the plastic to the stone.

bookend collage

Here are the mighty elephants now!


I think my Living Room was getting too sweet, with all the soft blues and pinks, so I’m adding some pops of red to liven it up. The Elephant Bookends are the perfect addition to our Updated Bookshelves!




Oh, Elephant Bookends, how I love thee! (See, stupidly, inappropriately giddy!)


So are you off to raid your kid’s toy closet, or the local dollar store? You can find these plastic animals everywhere! In fact, I can’t seem to stop spraying them, and have another goodie to show you soon! As well as more red accents!

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