{Breakfast Room} Dipped Chairs

How about that Daylight Savings Time?! I know I’ll love it eventually, but right now, I’m cursing the lost sleep! The upside of more daylight, is more project-and-picture-taking-hours…so I can’t wait to get cracking, because my project list seems to be breeding!!

Last I left you on the Breakfast Room, we’d painted the walls and ceiling, added a rug, and hung some bright new drapes.

 may2 062

A definite improvement from where we started….but we still had the issue of the crazy chair party. I’m a fan of mis-matched table and chair sets, but having two styles of chairs, and three different tones, just made the small room feel cluttered.

 may2 064

So I finally drug the remaining three unpainted chairs to the garage, and gave each a quick hand-sand…just enough to take some of the glossy finish off. That got old after about 2 10 minutes, so I  wiped them clean and gave them a thin layer of spray primer.

 Hi Sugarplum | White Breakfast Room Chairs

Next came three thin coats of Rustoleum Heirloom White in Satin. I think it’s the perfect white for indoor furniture…bright, but not cold or stark, and warm, without being creamy. I smoothed any rough spots between coats using a very fine sanding block. The first chair I painted in the yard, and went through an entire can of paint because of the wind. After that, I moved back to the garage, which preserved the paint, but made a hot mess of my floor. #firstworldbloggerproblems

Hi Sugarplum | White Breakfast Room Chairs

Then I decided my chairs needed fancy feet, but being the slacker stellar blogger I am, I forgot to take pictures. But basically, once the chairs were dry, I taped off the legs, measuring up from the floor so they’d all have the same size socks, and brushed on a few coats of Farrow & Ball Bowler Hat Blue.

The paint is actually a souvenir from this trip…we picked it up because it was a limited edition color Farrow & Ball created especially for the Musee Magritte Museum in Brussels. It’s inspired by the colors frequently used by Rene Magritte in many of his famous Bowler Hat paintings, and now adorns the walls of the museum. So not only are the blue socks cute, but they remind me of a special trip with Mr. Sugarplum.

Hi Sugarplum | White Breakfast Room Chairs

If we tire of them, it will be simple enough to spray over.

Hi Sugarplum | White Breakfast Room Chairs

Since the chairs get so much use, I let them cure for days longer than usual. Then I sanded the corners and edges where they’d naturally show wear. That way when they do chip, it will look intentional. Or that’s my backwards thinking anyway.

Hi Sugarplum | White Breakfast Room Chairs

Hi Sugarplum | White Breakfast Room Chairs

We added matchstick blinds to these windows, too, since the room is connected to the Family Room. It really helps to unite the two spaces.

Hi Sugarplum | White Breakfast Room Chairs

It’s crazy how much brighter the room feels now that the chairs are unified. Having them all white takes up less visual space, too.

Hi Sugarplum | White Breakfast Room Chairs

Here we were before…

5-15 060

And now, after only painting the chairs and dressing the windows. Oh yeah, and I tacked some ribbon on the drum shade, leftover from the drapes.

Hi Sugarplum | White Breakfast Room Chairs

I’d say the Breakfast Room is thisclose to being done! Except now I’m having second thoughts about the pink drapes. I guess that’s what happens when it takes a year to complete a room makeover. Did you tackle any projects this weekend, or are you still recovering from the time change?


The Befores & Evolution up to now

* Do something to the Fig basket so it’s not so matchy with the bar chairs
* Consider amping up the drum shade
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