{Before & After} Entrance Hall, take 2

You guys are awesome!! I really appreciate your opinions on the monogram yesterday! It’s got me fired up to make some serious progress in her room makeover this weekend. I got a little sidetracked on the Entrance Hall last weekend.

If you’ve been reading Hi Sugarplum! for awhile, this is deja vu. I did a Before & After Reveal on my Entrance Hall here, but it still didn’t feel quite finished.

foyer after 3

Too cold and bare for my overdone taste.

So first I brought the candle sticks back in and Pizz-Azzed them with jute:


Then I found this big, yummy plant and loved the color it brought to the space:


Nice pot. I haven’t been able to find anything to put it in that’s what she said ….which might be because I don’t know what I’m looking for yet. So I cheaped cheated and grabbed this shelf liner and my glue gun:

(I had every intention of using this on actual shelves, but that was 9 months ago…so I think it’s fair game for another project at this point.)

A little nip, tuck and glue later…I had the Joan Rivers of fake pots:

(I don’t intend for this to be a long-term fix, which means it will be.)

I think it’s not too bad (how’s that for a glowing review?!)…and I like the texture and pattern, especially against the zebra print.

planter collage

Here is my warmer, completed Entrance Hall now:


Here’s a little time lapse of the makeover:

entrance hall collage
I love all the light my DIY mirror reflects:


Read about the process of painting my doors black here, and see all the rugs I considered here:



The door on the left leads to my pink coat closet:


I think I’m ready to move on from this room now…what do you think? Have a great weekend loves!

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