{Before & After} A Dresser Grows Up

Are you getting DIY whiplash yet? The back and forth posts between updating the kids/guest bath, and my son’s room makeover? I probably should have waited to post on one until the other was done, but that would have taken some forethought on my part. So you get to follow along the sporadic ADD of my projects…welcome to my brain! (Like I tell Mr. Sugarplum when he gets exasperated at me, ‘Just be glad you don’t live in this head!’)

I know it seems like I’m painting something on a nightly basis, not quite true. The majority of the painting in the guest bathroom happened a few months ago, it’s just taken me until now to finish the room and post about it.

I have, however, been doing some sort of project almost every night for my son’s room…but that’s only because I want it complete when he comes home from his grandparents.

The first thing he asked to be changed was his dresser. “Too Baby!”, he declared soon after his 9th birthday.

jack dresser before

Isn’t it sweet?!? I had it in my college apartment (unpainted…too busy ‘having fun’ to be creative back then). I painted it for his nursery before he was born, and it’s stayed the same since. But since my boy is growing up, it’s only suiting that his dresser grow up too.

This is my favorite kind of project…fast, easy, huge impact!

First I rolled the base of the dresser a rich chocolate brown (left over from the bathroom cabinet makeover):


Next, the drawer fronts got a few coats of a white satin latex:


After a few days, I brought it in and added some inexpensive chrome knobs from Ikea:


Definitely more mature, right?


Hard to get a good shot, but the knobs are nice and shiny.


I love the masculine feel of it, and I think the new look will be able to keep up as he grows (or until his things get too big to fit in it!) Are you starting to get a feel for what the room will look like? For another tease, here’s last night’s project:


Any guesses what they are….or better yet, what they’re made of?!

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