{Babygirl’s Room} Making the Bed

Hello, hello! Yay Monday. Where in the world did the weekend go? Where’d February go for that matter?!? Hard to believe tomorrow is March. But with March, brings warmer temperatures, longer days and Spring Break! Think I’ll finally finish Babygirl’s Room this month? No promises, but I’m trying (Ahem, Emily!)

We were nursing strep throat in our house this weekend, and I didn’t get much computer time, so the Crown Molding post will be another day or so. Today I’m excited to show you the new big-girl bed with her first layer of bedding!


I say first layer because it still needs throw pillows, and I’m working on those along with the Art Station floor pillows. Her bedding is Nicole Miller’s Fifi Collection I found on Overstock almost 4 years ago! Babygirl wasn’t even a year old, but I knew her Big Girl room would have a Parisian flair, so I nabbed it. I searched online for it yesterday, but it’s sold out everywhere right now.

Here’s a close-up of the design…the little French poodle on a Vespa, Eiffel Tower and Metro Station is killing me with all the cuteness!

Picnik collage

Plus pom-pom fringe…I die!


I bought the mattresses at Sears, and didn’t realize in store just how tall they were! The bed sits only 8″ off the ground, but with the box spring and mattress, it’s a whopping 32″ tall! This leaves the box spring exposed. I’ll eventually get another fitted sheet to cover it, but the white king-sized coverlet does a great job for now. It belonged to my grandparents and I love having a piece of them in her room.

Picnik collage

The recovered step-stool comes in handy for this extra-tall, Princess and the Pea bed too!


I have the comforter folded at the foot of the bed to break up the busy pattern, and the bed pillows tucked inside to make it nice and full.

Picnik collage

We’d originally talked of putting her monogram on the headboard, but the mattresses and shams ate up most of that space, so I elected to leave it clean and let the pretty lines of the headboard shine. (You’ll see the monogram pop up somewhere else!).

(Catch the little peek of Fancy Pants Highboy?!?)

Love how it mimics a tulip, reminds me of the flowers at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.

Remember how the bed looked when I brought it home (for $60!!)?
She’s still adjusting to sleeping in the big bed, but climbing in with her for story time is a new favorite at bedtime.

Picnik collage
(Those are materials for the pelmet tucked under the bed…along with Zhu Zhu Pet paraphernalia. Urgh!)

The room is really starting to come together…can you see it???

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