(Another) Family Drop Spot!

Happy Monday, friends. I hope you all had a great weekend! We had a fun and busy one, but managed to squeeze in a date night to celebrate our anniversary (thanks for all the sweet well-wishes!). It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 years since we walked down the aisle! Our recent road trip to Nashville was to see our dearest friends, whose wedding my son was in when he was only 2 years old. We met at her hair salon, became close friends very quickly, and our friendship has only grown stronger since we moved to Texas 7 years ago.


Everytime we get together, June (that’s what I call her, though it’s not her real name) insists on doing my hair. No complaining from me, especially since she’s a master at blonde! Not only that, but she’s seriously organized. Like, everything-in-a-labeled-bucket kind of organized. So I knew it wouldn’t offend her when I asked, “What’s up with this junk corner?!”


Just like me, her drop zone was completely taking over her Kitchen counters. And since I’m always looking for things to do for her in exchange for her wicked hair skills, I jumped at the chance to whip this corner in to shape. The pictures aren’t great, but that’s what happens when you decide to start a project at 10 pm!


The first step is to completely clear out the area, toss the unnecessary junk (be ruthless!), and assess how you need the space to function. June decided she needed storage for invitations and announcements, key hooks, a weekly calendar to keep her schedule organized, and filing for all the in-coming papers. She charges her electronics in her bedroom, so we didn’t need a charging station.


I didn’t want to sacrifice any counter space, so we took everything vertically and utilized the free wall. A quick trip to Target and we had a new, clean and functional Family Drop Zone for less than $60!


This wall isn’t visible from anywhere but the Kitchen and Breakfast Room, but we still wanted it stylish and tidy.


Wall files with cute folders hold all the necessary papers, and June’s amazing penmanship just makes them cuter. She’s classier than me, so opted for a ‘Random Stuff’ instead of ‘Crapola.’


June and her husband keep different and busy schedules, so maintaining a weekly calendar helps them stay on the same page. This dry-erase version is also magnetic and has a strip of cork.


By keeping everything in the same colors and materials, the space looks unified and intentional. I love products that work double duty, too…this pouch holds notepads and keys, and provides extra space for the odds-and-ends you need when racing out the door. I prefer smaller storage systems, so you’re forced to be selective and not just stash everything willy-nilly.


A few squares of cork tiles mounted to the backsplash provide more vertical storage space. We simply cut the tiles for a custom fit around the outlet. Notice the push pins, notepads and folders are all color-coordinated, too? Cute and functional!


We mounted the leftover cork tiles to the inside of cabinets, for more paper storage. These are great spots for recipes you want to try, grocery lists, sports schedules, etc.


Not everyone has a room, desk or corner to dedicate to a Drop Zone, but you can find a sliver of a wall! My friend has reclaimed her counters, and created a useable space to help her daily life stay organized. We could even be dramatic and call it life-saving.


I’ll save you the finger-scrolling, and show you the Before & After…

PicMonkey Collage

Not too shabby, eh? And I’m thrilled to report that June is using and loving it! Because what’s the point of creating the space if it’s not helpful? Do you have an organized Family Drop Zone? If you haven’t seen ours, check it out here.

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